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  1. Thanks, I know haha I need 3500 for 92 Sum, at this rate I may bank it on kbd alone (knowing my awful luck)
  2. June 27th 2011 42: Death Rune, 4x Crim 43: Fire Rune, 4x Crim 44: Adamant Platebody, 4x Crim 45: Runite Bolts, Gold Charm 46: Blood Rune 47: Runite Bolts, 4x Crim 48: Iron Arrow, 4x Crim 49: Strength Amulet 50: Fire Rune, 4x Crim 51: Iron Arrow 52: Runite Bolts, 4x Crim 53: Strength Amulet, Coins 54: 100x Yew Logs, 4x Crim 55: Fire Rune, 4x Crim 56: Rune Long, Green 57: Iron Arrow 58: Blood Rune 59: 4x Shark, 4x Crim 60: Iron Arrow 61: Rune Limb 62: Coins
  3. I alch all Rune drops, pick up Blood Runes & Crims/Effigies and I ignore everything else. I'll pots a big loot pic at the end.
  4. Long road to maxing ;)

  5. June 26th 2011 22: Rune Long, 4x Crim 23: 4x Shark, 4x Crim 24: Dragon Dagger, 4x Crim 25: Rune Long 26: Oyster Pearls, Ancient Effigy, 4x Crim 27: Adamant Platebody 28: Blood Rune 29: 4x Shark, 4x Crim 30: Air Rune, 4x Crim 31: Strength Amulet, Green 32: Rune Long, 4x Crim 33: Mithril Battleaxe, 4x Crim 34: Coins. 4x Crim 35: Air Rune, 4x Crim 36: Runite Bolts. 4x Crim 37: Runite Limbs, 4x Crim 38: Rune Long, Gold 39: Air Rune, 4x Crim 40: Coins 41: Blood Rune
  6. I decided I'd start going for Monster heads, to display in my house, KBD head looks great so I'll be after him first. Wish me luck! This is my first time killing KBD so correct my setup if I'm doing it wrong lol KBD Head: - Kills: - Effigies: - Visages: - Loot: - Charms: June 25th 2011 1: Adamant Platebody, 4x Crims 2: Strength Amulet, 4x Crims 3: Dragon med, Green 4: Adamant Hatchest, 5. Fire Rune, 4x Crims 6: Blood Rune, 4x Crims 7: Blood Rune, 4x Crims 8: Runite Bolts, 4x Crims 9: Blood Rune, 4x Crims 10: Rune Long, 4x Crims 11: Rune Long, 4x Crims 12: Strength Amulet, 4x Crims 13: Strength Amulet, 4x Crims 14: Strength Amulet, Gold 15: Coins 16: Blood Rune, 4x Crims 17: Fire Rune, 4x Crims 18: Rune Long, 4x Crims 19: Rune Limb, Ancient Effigy, 4x Crims 20: Emerald 21: Iron Arrow, 4x Crim
  7. But by the time you should even start worrying about getting one yoiu should have half the crap done.
  8. I would think they wouldn't stop adding them and they would just add something newly released if it makes sense to put it on the list. It makes sense, players close or near close will have to stay involved in the game in order to keep their capes, much like the quest cape. In some ways, its an incentive for maxed players to keep playing the game, and besides, what would a completionist cape be if it didn't require completion of newer content? ^ That
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