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  1. For a full recap of our day, (up to now at least) you can view the topic here on our website In preperation of the Jagex Cup, we sought out a fight against WL. Thanks for the fight, was fun. http://ph-rs.com/topic/8921342/1/
  2. playoffs are fun. The expectation IS to be bad so theres no pressure :thumbsup:
  3. Ultimair

    Wii U

    If I was rich I would buy it.
  4. Pure Hatred vs Downfall Topic on our forums: http://ph-rs.com/topic/8766249/1/ So we had a few days prepped fight vs downfall which we were really looking forward too. Downfall always gave us good fights and we really wanted to win this. Come mass time we were a bit upset with our pull but nontheless we walked up to mossies ready to battle. Ph Starting: Df Starting: 34 on ts apparantly? The fight was overall a great battle the first 5 minutes were even but then very soon we took the lead and never looked back. Transitioning through their pile with ease while our members dragged downfall all over the map. 5 minutes before the ending we were ddosed but that didnt phase us as we just used that as an excuse to spamm harder in game. When time was up we stood there with the win. Goodfight downfall thanks for the really great war. Thanks to Gx for acing the fight. Ph ending: Df Ending: Random Pics: Alex with his boss 60 def tank Shoutouts All Ph callers Downfall Blasters Krunal930 for being beat by me in tracker mage xp as usual Tarder for being a fail tank/brid (expected) helldads sister for the lols WeeMan for Magepraying While walking and dying[/center]
  5. So we were pretty bored today, so we set up a 30 minute prep with WL with the following rules. -4 PM est start 5 PM est end -All styles -DG on Corr off -Spiders - East tree -3 snipers We met them at mossies and went to defend at east tree. PH starting: WL Starting: We started off extremely strong, there first two piles took them a while to kill while we got off to killing more than double that with transitions. We did this for about 20 minutes untill people like Azteka_1 decided to pure melee because he ran out of [cabbage] (poor hermano, bring more supplies :# ) We slacked in the middle to around the end but once we heard they gained up to the low fifties we understood and our spirits were not dampened. We got a few more on TS and got more pumped. After the cap was up we met at east spiders to see they called one last pile, michael, who beast tanked them to east tree, so we were able to get a few more kills in. After that we compared options south of MG. PH ending: WL ending: Yeah, a draw! PH Full ending: WL Full ending: Thanks for the fight WL on such short prep. We needed the action. :wub: PICTURES Thanks for the fight WL. SHOUT OUT TO KRUNAL FOR CALLING IN A MEXICAN ACCENT. Topic on PH forums http://ph-rs.com/topic/8753897/1/
  6. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0RzxDVwMrqg
  7. It said we moved up to #1 on may 12th changes but it didnt seem to be updated :o
  8. If the Arena was actually good we may have participated.
  9. Our process is long, but if your a decent person/member you'll make it.
  10. Don't know if 2 vs 2s count for twrs but were all twr clans :@
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