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  1. Binds+Blast, ranged level is too low to be ranging and I do prefer to hybrid.
  2. Pvp easily, although the smaller scale matched options are a lot better in CWA When it comes to maps PvP is a lot better for huger scale fights and run-ins. Jagex could EASILY make some better CWA Maps though...
  3. Thanks for the fight DG, we did very well.
  4. Forums | SwiftIRC: #impulse | Memberlist Impulse -vs- Dark Legacy 30 Minute CWRI Melee Binds Range Turrets Few days of preperation Impulse Starting: 51 Options (17 People) Dark Legacy Starting: 60 Options (20 People) Both pulls weren't amazing, and both teams were sharing about 2-3 people on the other side. We came in taking a small lead, and eventually took a huger lead. Our binds were pretty weak, but it didn't take too much away from our strong ranged unit. Slowly, DL sent a few snipers that crippled our pile. At the same time, Evil Crosby said he had placed a spy into Impulse's teamspeak :>>. We paniced, and eventually KO'd the legendary Crosby 3 times. We slowly gained up to 21 people, DL keeping around the same. Combined with clan events and members of IP fighting for DL, we had about 27-28 online. Towards the end we grasped the victory, with 33 kills to DL's 23. It wasn't our best performance, but we did alright. Impulse Ending: 33 (20 on TS) Dark Legacy Ending: 23 (About the same as IP on TS)
  5. Posting a victory against your own clan... Krist you legend :blink: Thanks for the fight t0.
  6. Personally I only made the first half, but we kept a strong lead throughout. Our pile stayed strong along with our tanking. Overall, we ended with 144 KC to TMC's 118. The numbers were about even for the first 30; although TMC did gain a few as we lost the second half. Thanks for the fight TMC, it looked pretty clean.
  7. Dragonwood Starting: 111 Blacknights Starting: 105 Dragonwood Full Ending: 129 BK Ending: 34 On Audio, left (No picture) Started off with DW having an advantage, but it hurt BK a lot once DK/BT started crashing. After a while, BK has ended giving us the win. Thanks for the fight, shame it had to be crashed.
  8. Wasn't our best pull, did well considering we had an average of an 8-9 man pile Looking forward to a rematch in the future
  9. As usual you will see pures trying to act big and crash, but that's a whole different story. Grats DF, seems like Envy put up a close fight.
  10. Few people play games on the 360 like MW2, used to have a hockey[LikelyScam] unit
  11. When would you have wanted to be present within your clan? Either the late `04 period or the early `08 period What were the events surrounding that point in your clans life? Dragonwood was made from two clans in a merge in the late of 2004, staying strong in most of 2005. Also reached Top 15 in the earlier part of 2008, pulling very high. The DW and Mori rivalry seems pretty interesting, too. Why does that moment stand out for you the most? Those times were probably when the clan world itself was stronger and more competitive then now, and that's also the time when DW was probably at it's strongest.
  12. We did well considering the numbers, but w/e that was a horrible fight due to your ML increasing towards your fight + the randoms + the AC crashing
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