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  1. Happy birthday :D

  2. Clan Europe -vs- Evony Video: http://www.youtube.c...h?v=hxAvzxpmjQY Last week Envy Warlord came to me to challange CE for a fight and the rules we came up with were: 2 Rounds 1st ¤ 30 mins Run-In ¤ Melee+Binds Only 2nd ¤ 1x Matched Ops ¤ Melee+Binds with a Ranger Cap of 5 ¤ Classic Arena with Center Bonds in both rounds, ¤ Rings Charges ARE Allowed, ¤ Dungeoneering IS NOT Allowed, ¤ Corrupt Dragon IS NOT Allowed, ¤ Sniper Cap: 3 on both. ¤ North Attack on both, ¤ War World 106, ¤ CE takes Team 17 Capes and EV takes Team 8 Capes. ¤ Post IS allowed The fight started quite good with us taking the leading as the numbers kept shining at us, with a 10 man diference it made it preaty obvious from the begining who was the winner but Evony even with smaller ops and with lower levels didn't quit, they kept fighting, and they gave us a clean and challanging war oh and I think some1 joined and left their cc for a while cuz there was a time kills we're just growing to fast so if that was the case I hope that person fades away with a big black stick in his mule. Round 1: 30 Mins Run-in Melee Binds - CE Victorious - Clan Europe Starting: 120 Ops(40 People) Evony Starting: 96 Ops(32 People) Clan Europe Ending: 114 Ops(38 People) with 118 Kills. Evony Ending: 87 Ops(29 People) with 20 Kills. Round 2 was diferent, we managed to pull a solid and strong 120+ Unit and those man made this war really challanging, we wanted a real challange so we asked them to fight with whatever they pulled and it was 31 against our 27. I wanted to thank our 99 Range Unit and our amazing bind unit that made this victory possible, keep it up guys. Round 2: 1x Matched Ops Melee Binds w\ 5 Range Cap - CE Victorious - Clan Europe Starting: 81 Ops(27 People) Evony Starting: 91 Ops(31 People) Clan Europe Ending: 48 Ops(16 People) Evony Ending: 0 Ops(0 People) Thank you for this clean and challanging war Evony, you were a worthy opponent looking forward for more combined events in a near future, thanks again :wub: ~TugaNinga~
  3. Clan Europe -x- The Call of Legends Hiya RSC, so I challanged TCL Warlord Sir Wilky for a Turrets Run-in with 2 days prep in the following rules: ¤ 1 Hour CWRI (CWA) ¤ All Styles, ¤ Turrets Map with NO Bounds, ¤ Rings Charges ARE Allowed, ¤ Dungeoneering IS NOT Allowed, ¤ Corrupt Dragon IS NOT Allowed, ¤ Rush on sight, ¤ No Sniping ¤ War World 11, ¤ Post IS allowed - CE Victorious - The started quite matched with us pullin' 39 to their 34 but from the begining we took the control of the fight, for a bit our binds slacked as they kept tanking with pray magic but our rune 2handeds made them regret using that prayer. CE Starting: 39 People TCL Starting: 34 People In the last 20 minutes we gave permission to anyone who wanted to lead to do so, so I wanted to thank Monstrozoide and Redroc for having the guts to stand up :thumbsup: CE Ending: 172 Kill with 30 People. TCL Ending: 145 Kills with 30 People. Thank you for the fight The Call of Legends, it was quite challanging, looking forward for more in a not so distant future :wub: ~TugaNinga~
  4. Hell Army Versus Pure Hatred MemberList: --> Hell-Army --> Pure_Hatred Hiya RSC, I challanged our dear friends Pure Hatred for 1 week prep PKRI and the rules were: All styles, 90 mins Pkri, 4:30 EST\ 21:30 GMT Start, Dungen Items & Explorer Ring: OFF, Spiders-east tree, PH Attacks, HA Defends, 5 sniper cap, Team if Crashed, Corrupt Items: ON, FanSite Post is ON. We met Pure Hatred at Mossies in world 136 and after greeting them we went MG to defend. Hell Army Starting: 126 Ops Pure Hatred Starting: 132 Ops This was god damn challanging fight like we didn't have in ages, I wanted to congratz Pure Hatred in front of every1 in this Comunity to let you all know that we Hell Army fight them for over 2 years and they always gave us clean and challanging fights and this one wasn't diferent, it was 90 mins of pure hardcore pking. The war was quite matched as the ops were quite similar the whole 90 mins. ROT showed up and started to pile some Hell Army members quite stupid as they had no reason to do such a thing...Dk also showed up sometimes but they were always wiped out. Hell Army Ending: 153(51 People) Pure Hatred Ending: 120(40 People) Thank you again Pure Hatred for this clean and challanging fight :wub:, also thanks to Green Dragons for the AC :thumbsup: ~TugaNinga~
  5. Clan Europe -vs- Armia Polska + Husaria Polska + Dragon Hunters Hiya RSC, we were looking for an Activity Check war so our Leader Imsoh(I_Luv_V) got us a war with 3 Polish clans and the rules were: 1 Hour run In Melee, Binds & Range Turrets, Rings Charges ARE Allowed, Dungeoneering IS NOT Allowed Corrupt Dragon IS NOT Allowed, NO SNIPING North spawn attacks War World 149, CE takes Team 17 Capes and Poland takes Red capes, Post IS Allowed. - CE Victorious - CE Starting Ops: 54(162 Ops) P Starting Ops: 56(168 Ops) The war started with similars numbers but from the start we took the lead n' with fast transitions and with our members tanking beastly from the start to the end, we won another one! 100 kills: 200 kills: CE Ending Ops: 45(135 Ops) P Ending Ops: 29(87 Ops) P had some good tanks, I am Matz, Dominik, Th3artofwar and many more managed to tank us so congratz, you made war quite fun :thumbsup: Thank you for this clean n' challanging war, I'm sure we can repeat it in a near future :wub: Thanks; ~TugaNinga~
  6. Hell Army Versus Collision Member List ->Hell Army ML ->Coll ML So Collision challanged us last week for a PKRI, and the rules were: Pkri 1h Cap All styles Spiders to east tree Sniper Cap: 3 Dung & Corrupt Items: OFF Rush on Sight Team if Crashed FanSite Post: ON We met Collision at Mossies in world 57 and after greeting them, they went north and 1 min after we did the same, when we were about enter spiders from the left, at the very begining we get rushed by Coll and the fight starts. Hell Army Starting: 123 Ops(41 People) Collision Starting: Around 90 Ops We were expecting Coll to pull much better than they did as they challanged us for this, but oh well every clan got their bad moments... Even outnumbered Collision tried as they kept getting our Fall in Leaders, was a nice try but not enought... The first 10 mins were nice to be fought by after that they just kept regrouping and at 17(?) mins cap they called Off. Hell Army Ending: 139 Ops(46 People) Collision Ending: 0, Called off. Thank you for the fight Collision, I hope we can fight again on similar numbers like we used to do. Thanks Wilderland and Poison for the Anticrash :wub: Thank you, ~TugaNinga~
  7. Hell Army Versus Lithuanian PKing Team Members List: --> Hell-Army --> LPT So I challanged LPT Warlord Tag for 1 week prep PKRI for this Sunday and the rules were as follow: Rules: All styles 90 mins Pkri 7.00 GMT Start No Corr Spiders-east tree Highest ops attack 5 sniper cap Team if Crashed LPT in their Capes [Team - 46] HA in their Capes [Team - 37] FanSite Post is ON So we met LPT at world 57 in Mossies to check who was going defend and who to attack but LDK crashed with a blasters squad dressed in cooking clothes, so we cleaned them for LPT and the war was about to start. LPT went to defend at East Tree and from the east we rushed. HA Starting: 141 Ops(47 People) LPT Starting: 105 Ops(35 People) We knew we had the numbers advantage but we also know LPT is an experienced and well organized oponent so he kept our actitude humble. We stopped the fight 2 more times to clean LDK as they kept showing up to crash, 1st he tought they were just binding LPT's pile so Tag(LPT Warlord) told me not to stop the fight to clean them but after a while my members started to PM me saying that LDK was pilling HA Members so the fight stopped and we went to clear once again LDK, after cleaning the few LDK left at Greater Demons we went to restart the fight at MG. LPT fought well, their gap numbers started to decrease hard but they didn't give up and they kept fighting at 70 mins GAP they called off. HA Ending: 171 Ops(57 People) with 2 more people returning LPT Ending: 0(Called OFF) [20:14:52] <Tag_> we ended [20:14:53] <Tag_> thanks mate. [20:15:16] <TugaNinga> Ok, thank you for the fight [20:15:20] <TugaNinga> respect [20:15:37] <Tag_> Thanks. ;] Thank you for this clean and challanging fight LPT, didn't expect less from you :$ My thanks also to RKOF for AC :wub: ~TugaNinga~
  8. Clan Europe -vs- Silent Ember So I challanged Silent Ember for 2 rounds matched ops and the rules were: 2 x Matched Ops War (CWA) All Styles & Range Only, Classic Map with Center Bounds, Rings Charges ARE Allowed, Dungeoneering IS Allowed, Corrupt Dragon IS NOT Allowed, North Spawn attacks, War World 106, Sniping IS NOT Allowed, CE takes Team 17 Capes and SE takes Team 50 Capes. Post IS Allowed. Raamsdonkje1 Fights for SE and Rachel(Minnie_129) fights for CE(Requested by SE), Rune full helm is the only Rune Item Allowed in the 2nd Round. Round 1: All Styles - CE Victorious - CE Starting Ops: 81 SE Starting Ops: 81 Silent Ember cut from 30 to match our 27. The war was fairly matched and challanging, both clans know each other well so we knew this wasn't an easy war so we gave our best resulting in another win. CE Ending Ops: 30 SE Ending Ops: 0 Round 2: Range Only - CE Victorious - CE Starting Ops: 81 SE Starting Ops: 81 Secound Round was way faster and easier than round 1, lucky us their 1st pile tanked them and our's got 1 banged giving us the lead, fast transitions and SE members with coifs that got k0ed gave us a solid win on this round. . CE Ending Ops: 57 P Ending Ops: 0 Thank you for this clean and challanging matched ops SE. We're looking forward for more wars in a not to distant future. Thanks; ~TugaNinga~
  9. Hell Army Versus Dragonwood --> Hell-Army --> DragonWood So we challanged DragonWood for 1 week prep All Styles Pkri in the following rules: All Styles 90 min cap pkri Spiders to East Tree Corrup Items: ON + Ops Defs, - Ops Atks 5 sniper cap Team to clean crashers I can say we were expecting some solid pull but not the 150 Ops that we pulled! Hell Army Starting: 150(168 TS) DragonWood Starting: 102 We war started with us dd'ed at East Tree and DragonWood rushing us from the west, from the start we took the lead as the numbers made it preaty easy, DragonWood managed to give us a challange in the 1st 20 minutes as they kept piling our fall-in Leaders but that wasn't just enought has we got enought to fight all the time. In the last 15 mins DW just kept regrouping, west of the spiders(out of bounds), lava vents, wherever, but as you know you can run but you can't hide. At 40 mins Gap DragonWood called it off giving us the win. Hell Army Ending: 144(162 TS) DragonWood Ending: Called it OFF Thank you for the fight DragonWood you guys did good. Thank you Tugas Revolution and Pure Hatred from Anti Crashing, PM me whenever you need :wub:
  10. Had fun, looking forward for more fights with you guys <3:
  11. Hell Army -v- Green Dragons Hell Army ML -> http://www.runehead.com/clans/ml.php?clan=hellarmy Green Dragons ML -> http://runehead.com/clans/ml.php?clan=greendragons So Zinho got us a 15 mins prep against Green Dragons in the following rules: 1 Round Matched Ops, Classic Arena, Center Bonds, GD Attacks, HA Defends, Melee + Binds + Range, Corr and Dung Items: OFF Ring Charges: ON Sniper Cap: 2 RSC Post: ON Hell Army Starting: 21(Cutted from 28) Green Dragons Starting: 21 The war started good with us 1hittin' our 1st pile and right after that 1hitin' our 2nd, by the time we killed our 3rd target, GD killed their 1st giving us a 2man lead, after that GD started to focus but our our members didn't make their life easy tanking like absolute beasts we managed to make the gap of kills grow and buffering we got the winning cup. Hell Army Ending: 18 Green Dragons Ending: 0 After the fight we decided to do a Pk trip so GD joined our audio and our clan chat. HA+GD Starting: 42 People(126 Ops) He hoped to Anti Crash CORR -X- CL but we didn't find any crashers\randoms but we were informed that AA was fighting AOW and the fight was about to end so he hoped again to their world. When we arrived AA was DD'ed and somehow they "challanged us" so we spammed "Pot up". GA Start: 117 AA Start: 123 We tought AA wanted to fight us so he rushed them and with fast transitions we managed to kill like 11 people in like 3 mins but right after that they logged out.(They had a fight before against AOW so they were tired, we understand...) We hoped and hoped and hoped but the wilderness was empty so he challanged RSD for a short prep. GA Start: 123 Runescape Dinasty Start: 105+ We fought for like 30 mins but srly it was 2 am our time and their numbers kept growing, even tho we called off I think we gave them a good and clean fight, Viva la raça :$ GA Ending: Called OFF RSD Ending: 60+ in Audio Thank you GD, AA and RSD for the epic fights, we had fun, PM me if any of you need AC :wub: ~TugaNinga~
  12. Hell Army -x- Downfall So I spoke to Everton for a 1 week prep Pkri and he accepted in the following rules: Hell Army -x- Downfall Sunday, 7 November 21 GMT, 1:30 Cap Spiders to Gds Melee+Binds+Range Corrupt Items: OFF Team if Crashed RSC Post: ON The fight started good with both sides getting fast piles, but didn't took long for HA to take the upper hand, our domination made Downfall regroup all the time making the fight a bit boring, our numbers started to grow as Downfall started to lack at 1 Houre Cap Downfall decided to call it off. Hell Army Starting: 114 Ops(that zeH_L sniped us all fight along side with some MMAs.) Downfall Starting: 90s-100ish Ops Hell Army Ending: Downfall Ending: Called it off Thank you for the fight Downfall, it is always a pleasure fighting you. Thank you CR for the AC also, pm me whenever you need AC. ~TugaNinga~
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