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  1. Thanks for the war DG, clean, challenging and yet again respectable. Best of luck in your other CJ categories <3
  2. Clan Europe -vs- Polish Fighters Our head warlord set up a fight with Polish Fighters with the following rules Matched Ops x2, Melee binds Ranged -&- then Melee Binds only Classic Map - Center Bounds, Ring Charging Allowed, Dungeoneering NOT Allowed, Corrupt Dragon NOT Allowed, North Spawn Attacks Round 1: Melee Binds Ranged - CE Victorious - CE Starting :21 (dropped from 35) PF Starting :21 We outpulled and so askedm for volunteers to drop. We were quickly down to 21 people, from our original 35 man pull and we headed to centre. Today, our admin-leader Imso stepped up to take the lead for the first time and we were pleasantly surprised! We took an early lead and after a number of k0s and some strong tanking from CE members, we ensured PF could not get back in to this fight. CE Ending:19 PF Ending: 0 Round 2: Melee Binds - CE Victorious - CE Starting:21 (dropped from 32) PF Starting: 0 Having lost 3 members to main clan events, our starting for Round 2 was now 32 men and women. PF stayed consistent at 21. Despite a strong win in round one, we know well enough that Melee & Binds is a different ball game entirely to Melee Binds Ranged and so we were not expecting an easy win. We did not let ourselves get complacent and it paid off. Strong leading from our warlords, solid binding and superb tanking won this war for us, and we ended strongly on 18, although a number of PF members kindly left cc at ~12. Thanks to those who did. CE Ending: 18 PF Ending: 0 Thanks to Polish Fighters, looking forward to more clean wars in the future. Thanks; ~Nykimu
  3. Clan Europe -vs- Monocromatic & Tugas Empire Our newly promoted Head Warlord Tuganinga set up this war because he knew they would pull similar, if not better, numbers to us. 1 Hour Melee+Binds+Range CWRI (CWA) Turrets Rings Charges ARE Allowed, Dungeoneering IS NOT Allowed, Corrupt Dragon IS NOT Allowed, We knew that these guys could pull well as they pulled 42 the day before and we were expecting to be walked over if we didn't pull at least 30. 1 hour run in All Styles - CE Victorious - CE Starting numbers: 40 m & TE Starting numbers: 40 The pulls were exactly even at 40v40 at the very start and we were expecting a rough ride. We had the levels over them but didn't get complacent, we knew it was only half the battle. I lead from the start until it was 20-3, transitioning on to their snipers. From there we tested our new leaders as it was a lovely war to lead. Thank you to everyone who stepped up today, 8 new leaders! Special shout outs to Lakeonfire for brilliant first time leading and Tribuzi for excellent 3rd time leading, 1st time for CE. & Elka for tanking like a beast. CE Ending numbers/kills: 31/234 M & TE Ending numbers/kills: 28/68 Thanks to Monocromatic and Tuga's Empire. We hope to have more clean wars in the not too distant future. Thanks; ~Nykimu
  4. Clan Europe -vs-Gladz I declared on Gladz for TWR a few weeks ago, and we recently just finalised the rules. Here's the result. 30 minutes run in Turrets map - no bounds Ring Charging Allowed, Dungeoneering Allowed, Corrupt Dragon NOT Allowed, Rush on sight We were expecting a tough fight, although we knew Gladz were very strong in PvP we wanted to test them in CWA too. Unfortunately the numbers made the war quite one sided. Perhaps we can rematch on a weekend at a better time for us both. The war: All Styles - CE Victorious - CE Starting Numbers: 31 Gladz Starting Numbers: 25 We had better levels but we knew that was only half of it. We needed to stay organised and keep our heads down to win, as in any war. Good stuff from CE today, strong styles, high hits and hard tanks. Lovely stuff to I am Killar especially on some brilliant tanking, and Thebindle for phenomenal binds as per usual. Really impressive performance Clan Europe CE Ending numbers/kills: 37/107 Gladz Ending numbers/kills: 21/29 TWR Summary Thanks to you Gladz, you stayed clean and respectable till the end, I look forward to more fair wars in the future Thanks; ~Nykimu
  5. Thank you for the fight LM, really enjoyed it
  6. Thank you for the fight, clean and respectable as always Eternity
  7. Thank you for the fight Poison
  8. I enjoyed it Thank you for the fight CSF, it could have gone either way no doubt. Keep on improving T0
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