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  1. Gratz Ha :D First i thought you were in p2p fighting green dragons lol. <3:
  2. Looks Like we Care about the Fight :thumbsup: Gratz on Your win Downfall. Nice Numbers Kimberly btw: Wow Just cause your clan pulls more people to a pk trip than a war dont mean when you post it People Care. :thumbup: Its For Post Count. Like im posting for this topic just for post count.
  3. Gratz Envy. Well Played Game Of Runescape.
  4. how is this bad? Looks like someone is just red in the Face.
  5. So our Drunk Leader Vanzant Got a war with Envy and forgot to post it so i was like fu and he was like screw you and im like go die and hes like i love you and im like i love you two So Vanzant Set up Pkri With Clan Envy cause they wanted a war and we were free. They Came Up With These Rules: -60min Pvp Pkri -All Styles -Spiders - Gdz -No Dung/Corr -4 man Snipe Unit -Week Prep Fight Blacknights Starting:120 Opts Clan Envy Starting: 93 Opts Well The Fight Got Off to a bumpy start cause vr made a unexpected show to the fight killing 1-2 people from Bk. We Hopped To w21 and restarted the fight The Fight was going really Good for us Causing Envy into Multiple Regroups around the bounds Pics Of Fight Ending: Blacknights Envy: 0 Called it off Thanks for the Fight Clan Envy. Personally Had 0deaths 0ks and 4 Assists. Shout outs: Nightmare and Nate for Becomming Trasition City #2. Envy For not killing me <3 (wub you Juan) Cr For the Ac -TJ(Jrtfire)
  6. Gratz Dwood. Stop this beef Poison. Help Clear the Clan wars world of bad clans.
  7. lol, I see that too ^ :mrgreen: Gratz TO!!! good job!! :thumbup: Laura Cant Tank! <3: <3: <3: <3: <3: <3: <3: <3: <3: <3: <3: <3: <3: Jaykay. Love you babes<3 Gratz T0
  8. Gratz Poison. Stop DDosing [email protected]@@@ Their FTW! :thumbsup:
  9. Stop posting and making yourself look like an idiot. No wonder Fd Ended.
  10. LGZ vs TDD i remember it was the first time we warred them and won in under 15mins with both sides starting with 45. Clan Envy Vs Exodus Good Pkri Until Vr + ak-latin started to snipe us. Downfall vs Cr good fight. Blacknights vs Solace nice fight, first fight i risked rc robes.
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