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    CR vs AA

    Very well done CR.
  2. I approached venomous for a short prep fight he gladly accepted and we agreed on the following rules: Rules: CWRI Turrets All styles DG Allowed NO Sniping/Corrupt Attack on sight Starting: We instantly dominated with good transitions from our Members who we let practice calling i think we had about 6-7 people leading in total. Thank you Poison for not dragging on the fight for to long. Goodjob Exalt, Ascension Next!
  3. Congrats CR, shame about TRWF low pull.
  4. Exalt vs KO On Monday I Approached KO looking for a PKRI sometime this week, we agreed on a week prep instantly we started to pump our members knowing KO have been pulling 30~ recently. With an amazing Signup for our smaller member base everybody was pumped for this fight. Rules: 90 Minute PKRI All Styles NO DG/Corrupt Spiders - East Tree 3 Sniper Cap Team To Clear Crashers Exalt Starting: KO Starting: The fight started on even options, we did amazing instantly starting to transition and sent our 3 snipers and continued to do great. After around 30 minutes into the fight we forced KO's options down to around 45 and sent them to regroup. By this point we'd gained to 35 on Teamspeak and started to cruise our way to a comfortable victory. Exalt Ending: KO Ending: Random pictures: KD Before: KD After: 141 Kills 80 Deaths (22:46:36) <`Fudgy|Out> 14 deaths btw (22:46:38) <`Fudgy|Out> cheers for that (22:46:41) <`Fudgy|Out> give me my rune back Ily Nathan
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