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  1. Orginal topic: http://tr-clan.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=25899 We set up a fight with TCL for today from 3-6 PM EST. Our signups didn't look particularly great because it's a Saturday, but we prepared to do the best we could with a limited number of people. Unfortunately, TCL became involved in a 7 hour fight yesterday between them and some of their biggest rivals. As a result, they came to me and asked to shorten the cap to 90 minutes. I was faced with a difficult decision because many members of TR had been looking forward to and expecting a 3 hour fight, but I ultimately decided that 1.5 hours was better than nothing. The Rising starting: 140 The Call of Legends starting: 120 So at 2:30 we began to mass up. 30 minutes later, we had about 50 in TS and 140 opts in game. After waiting about 5-10 minutes, TCL came along with about 120 opts. They rushed us and the fight began. Before long, we had a clear advantage. TCL piled a bunch of our fall-in leaders, who tanked around our pile as we picked up KO after KO. Our snipers crippled their pile and brought them down to 60-75 options, which allowed us to kill TCL's snipers and keep our main pile going strong. We chased down a few of their regroups and after 45 minutes they informed us that they were done. The Rising ending: ~170 (1-2 pures) (As we were taking ending, our TS went down, but it didn't make any difference.) TCL ending: 0 Thanks to: TCL for the fight TR members for staying in and Scaping instead of going out Our Finnish fan club for the free KDR
  2. Thanks alot for the fight Dragonwood, it was a nice change to fight you guys. You guys did very well in the second round :thumbup:
  3. Happy birthday :D

  4. Hope you have a Happy Birthday!

  5. 1. Why is there such a distinct lack of GMT clans in the top 10? Its all based on uncapped fights now and GMT clans simply lose in an uncapped fight from an EST based clan due timezone. 2. Do you think that a GMT clan is ever going to make it into the top 3/5? Depends how its going in the future, i think Fools is kinda top 5 already but they just can't win from a clan in an uncapped pkri but they can win a capped fight easily ( They won from VR and that kind of clans in capped fight ) if it was based on full outs / capped fights then GMT clans would dominate. 3. Is there any one reason why EST clans seem to flourish so much more than their GMT counter parts? As i said before its all about uncapped fights right now and the timezone just makes it alot easier for EST and almost impossible for GMT or they have to outnumber very bad. 4. Why aren't the majority of clans GMT based, and as such why are most wars not fought at a time that is more suitable to GMTers? I think the top clans have more GMT people then you think, and GMT clans / wilderness in GMT is alot more active then in EST timezone i don't know why alot of GMT people join EST based clans.
  6. Topic on our forums: http://tr-clan.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=18665
  7. Its not a new alliance =p We just try some new things out and see if its fun or not :thumbup:
  8. Poison did it really well, don't think this comment was needed. Thanks for the fight once again Poison.
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