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  1. From a fellow Tip.It'er, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! If you would like some extra fun, don't forget to drop in on the Forum Games! ^_^

  2. Hex + Momentum seems to be very OP now, hitting 2k+ most hits
  3. Since Trimming I've been doing whatever, and seems every week there is a new req added for me to keep my cape on. Great fun :D I really look forward to the Elfland updates, yay <3
  4. Good luck Dragonkng you can do it, msg me on rs if you need any help getting reqs :)
  5. Thanks LEgoman! :) good to see you. A screenie from Christmas with the gang at cwars. :)
  6. Kah Bah Gee! They were fun times picking dem cabbages and bombing everywhere....such xp waste tho :P I remember you Minergoo heya :D Well, I still haven't managed to update my first post, but I will one day. For now my goal is to Trim, and I have 3400/4150 castlewars tickets and a few other things to do which I hope to have complete by around April. I also have been taking breaks from Cwars to Social Slay, I have all upgrades except the potion sharing upgrade. Then I can start saving a freezy.
  7. Found some on my old photobucket site (warning lots pics) Fun at Edge TET AU ] HYT I remember spending hours and hours working on this banner for your birthday taking screenies of everyone who contributed hehe. Drawing of Mirawrr More fun at edge Remember Zid!! 96 FM Fally Riot after Pest Control Update I have many more but these are a few blast from the past pics :D I have more on my computer but need to upload them and the pic uploading program I use is banned by Tipit ugh.
  8. Sure Oreo post away, I'll have a lookie tonight for some old ones too and see if I have any of yours.
  9. Hey Jeremy yeh I use a private fc for Castle Wars. :P I was a old school TIFer from years ago, but have kind of fallen off the grid for the past few years due to IRL and busy working on Trim.
  10. I dropped into Serpent Eye's Chat Dragon, was great to see some familiar faces. :D I'll keep in touch but have a CW Friends Chat that I use for CW so can't be sure how much I can be there. Oreooo I wish I had saved your avvy pic too, I was so happy to find the one I have that you made for me wayyy back then. I still consider you my best friend in RS even tho I rarely see ya my friend. Those were the best days in RS and I miss our good fun. Remember when we all pitched in and got you that Dragon Chain for your birthday? Sooo awesome and lovely friends. <3
  11. Hey Blood, yeh been away for a long time, busy busy with life the universe and going for Trim Comp. I thought I would drop in as I was reminiscing and wondered how everyone was from my old haunting grounds. :D Of course I remember you Dragon! How are you? Is there still a FC for Tipiters? Arnie! :) Longtime no see, and W99 Edgeville is where I learnt to dance so well! :P OREO [email protected]! <3 So yeh I still play Runescape EOC, Decided not to play 07 when it came out. The new content in EOC is pretty awesome to be honest, and learning how to kill stuff with the new combat system has been fun. I still haven't done any major Boss killing as I am poor. At the moment I am doing the Castle Wars Trim Comp requirement, which is 4150 Castle Wars Tickets. I am at 2315 atm so long time to go.
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