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  1. Bots cutting then trading yew logs as a means of RWT would barely allow 100k per hour to be transferred.
  2. Note "this instance of RWTing" - no, it will not make everything alright, but together with common sense fixes to other RWT/botting techniques as they are identified, the ability of the vermin of Runescape to destroy the game for legitimate players can certainly be mitigated. You are also correct, a "few second" waiting time would be useless, however that is not what I suggested and a more realistic figure would be 5-15 minutes before an item can be dropped.
  3. A botter can make a new account in seconds - reporting is a waste of time for all involved. A simple fix to this instance of RWTing would be disallowing players from dropping items immediately after they pay for them, which wouldn't result in many adverse effects for legitimate players.
  4. Ugliest has to be snakeskin boots, I'll almost always opt for dragon or infinity boots even when snakeskin provide the best bonuses for what I'm doing. Second ugliest is trimmed herblore cape.
  5. I can't find it now, but a Jmod said on the forums that they were updating the spirit shields but something went wrong with the update so only the inventory icons were changed. A friend of mine found out that you could see them as they will look wielded by dropping them on the ground.
  6. As stupid as it is to drop 210m on the ground, I had to see what the new spirit shields will look like.
  7. 55,000 views and 550 replies. Wow. I came back to tif just to see how things were going and if anyone I knew was still on here and was surprised to find this still on the first page. This guide was posted way back in 2007 and was the first aviansie guide ever made, revealing to all of RuneScape what is today considered one of the best methods of making money for mid to upper level players. One can hardly open a "How do I make money?" thread on RSOF without seeing aviansies suggested and the abundance of adamant bars has made smithing a far more accessible skill to master, even doing so myself. Since then, however, aviansies, and RuneScape as a whole, have changed one hell of a lot with better methods being discovered and guides being written for them. No longer can a player easily find an empty world in which to kill aviansies, as they would have been able to at the time of writing of this guide, and new items, such as Broad bolts, the Amulet of Ranging and Zanik's crossbow and even a different combat style (magic) have outranked the items suggested in terms of usefulness. It is clear that this guide's time has past, yet it is at the top of search engine results and continues to receive thousands of views and hundreds of replies. This leaves me with the dilemma: what should I do with it? I no longer play RuneScape, so could not update the guide myself, but there are a few options: 1. Nothing. Just leave the guide unupdated as a relic of the past. 2. Leave the guide as it is, but add a collection of links to newer and better methods. 3. Fix the broken images with new screenshots and generally clean up the guide, but keep it mostly how it is. 4. Find somebody else to write a more up to date guide with the latest techniques and gear, then edit it into this thread. I would like some input and suggestions from other users, especially anyone interested in option 4.
  8. Jagex doesn't pick pmods, they get recommendations from existing ones apparently.
  9. I cba to explain it myself so i'll just quote wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lag
  10. Yet in your signature you make it seem as if 1400 total level is better in f2p than in p2p.
  11. My goal for 2000 total has been going for over a year now and i am getting close. \
  12. I wouldn't have said "for no reason" if i hadn't fed him. :shame:
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