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  1. few claw pks here and there, not worth posting but then i got this
  2. 3rd or 4th set of claws i cant remember guy with steel titan fcape and c maul trying to be cool rushing and safing to green bar didnt realize a 406 with rapier and veng + korasi would down him
  3. a few kills are on my void pure, and i changed my name like 4 times during these lol
  4. yup will post some whip pks if people want them
  5. Big boy music, lol. Angry little kid music :D lawl :twss: I can't watch pk vids with music like that :|
  6. i stopped watching when you killed a noob who didnt eat and got junk
  7. Acctually he may not have been risking enough, if you look closely, there is acctually a person behind the ranger who has the skull, it is more obvious in the second picture as the skull is not centered above the character. I beleive, that he was not risking enough, he would have kept neit helm, rune plate and kite if he were to die, so the only way he could have risked 75k+ was in bolts and pots but I do not think he would have been able to have that many supplies left after killing a guy in full bandos with a bgs. My two cents... no, because when i pk in that gear i bring 200k to give to one itemers aswell
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