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  1. My geo knowledge is amazing. I won those geography bee's in elementary. WHAT NOW
  2. You know, there's alot of topics on suicide on here. But, my friend shot himself in the head 2 days ago. Died yesterday morning. I don't know what to do, I feel miserable. I don't know where to go. How do you guys deal with a suicidal death? :cry:
  3. edicius

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    Miracle Maker - Delirous
  4. It changes, heres my average day since I'm on break: Sleeping - 10 hours Hanging with friends/doing nothing- 10 hours Watching TV- 4 hours. The end.
  5. I once gave my friend a box of friendship, which is really just an empty box. What did you call me :evil:
  6. So far I've received some christmas gifts from my friends... 6 cans of monster, a tupac shirt, and a banana. So, yes.
  7. One time, I saw a pigeon eat another pigeon. The end.
  8. Animals eat other animals, so I don't feel the least bit guilty about eating them.
  9. Any australian. I forgot what one in particulars name was.
  10. Not really, I'm the youngest in my entire family. And I'm 15. Anyways, I can't describe how awesome my family (some immediate and my other relatives) is.
  11. Back to the topic: You're in middle school. Shut up. Haw haw... anyway, I would agree with you that those last group of kids are annoying, but I'm one of them. I am lazy, yet I can pass my tests with atleast C. I usually don't remember what homework I was assigned in most of my classes. My grades aren't terrible but could be higher. And I don't think I have a low IQ either, it's obvious to tell which kids that do though. I don't know which group I belong on in your list actually. Why do we bother you so much, I know I don't do anything offensive to the smart kids like you.
  12. Hiiii Miiike. Hello, I am Cad. I've been an alchoholic for... 3 years now. I've tried going cold turkey, but then realised chicken > turkey so I went cold chicken. I mostly get wasted on Scotch, but I am from England, so I call it Engh. Harder to pronounce but much more patriotic. I will probably be attending these meetings every day that I am not out of my face and hope to stop drinking when I turn 35. Everyone wish me a happy 20th birthday! But that is about 5 years away, so forget it. That does me. Next? Marry me. Anyway, I HATE MYSELF :D
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