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    Grinning from a telephone box in the one of the coolest cities on earth : )
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    art of all kinds, especially writing, filmmaking and photography, smelling oranges, watching Dave for hours on end, procrastinating, racquet sports, getting on with people, playing sweet or sour, kneading blu-tack

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  1. I get all the girls, I get *all* the girls.

  2. Happy birthday :D

  3. Huggability and rough-and-tumble ness. It's so nice hugging a guy and you fit perfectly into them <3: That being said I'm 5"1 so I barely reach most guys' shoulders anymore >< Oh and a nice deep, calm voice :)
  4. My favourite actress! I definitely have a bit of a crush on her :P She has such a cool fashion sense as well!
  5. Mental illness - bipolar disorder, depression, etc, on my mum's side, maybe schizophrenic tendencies, I'm not sure about that last one. Both sides of the family seem quite obsessive-compulsive but not enough for it to be diagnosed as an issue. I'm in my mid-teens and I've been very mentally healthy for most of my life - my older brother is totally unaffected as far as I know - so I hope I'm unaffected as well.
  6. I would hope to be as understanding and supportive as possible but I could never trust them again, I couldn't marry them and I doubt I could love them. If you've already slept together without being told, well that would just be one of the most selfish things he/she could do.
  7. Sometimes I cant tell where the buildings stop being clouds and where the black sky drops its soft feet on rooftops. Its full of lights, the star-spangled, indigo canvas of the heavens. Every single twinkling star, up there so far above my head, is thousands and thousands of years old, and I remind myself that Im gazing into the past. Theyre coming to guide us through the cosmos, from a time before there were people and buildings and cars on this little lonely blue ball. Its a humbling thought. The wind rustles and my hair stirs softly over my face. I think about all the millions of people on this side of the world, and wonder how many of them are seeing and thinking what I am. Somewhere I dont think its very many. The only time you can really think, really exist, like this is when youre so far from anyone who might be doing the same thing.
  8. I really enjoyed reading this. It struck me very much more as a description, though, a laying out of a scenario, rather than a story with plot and characters. That's certainly not a bad thing; it's very thought-provoking; it read to me like a psychological case-study - or not so much a case-study as a scenario/method/experiment for exploring the human mind and the differences between people - what drives us mad, how do we handle purposelessness and absolute ignorance... As others have said I think it would be a wonderful story if it was fleshed out a little more, and of course it's your story so I don't want to be dictatorial, but I don't think it would work if the inhabitant comes to discover anything about whoever it is holding him captive; I would have the focus of it more internal, concerned with the current inhabitant's state of mind and the stories of those gone before - because (personally speaking - maybe I'm wrong for others?) the real interest lies in the psychology of it, rather than the imaginings of who has brought him here, and perhaps his struggle to escape. I think the reasonably calm, sage tone of the narrator would contrast well with the potential insanity of some of the booklet-writers. Anyway, nice one, loved reading it : )
  9. Yay, raw thoughts is back! This one is so different - the nature of it is apocalyptic, political, on a much bigger scale than the first. Personally I preferred the first but I found this one fascinating as well. I love the verse "If a long life is justifiable, then why are you lying on your death bed, unable to remember your first puppy's name?" Basically even despite it's apocalyptic atmosphere I found it refreshing due to its disregard for regularity - verses all different lengths and rhythms, no rhyming scheme, words thrown in here and there - it's original and totally unique : )
  10. l0rd

    IF I do indeed post new ones. Ty.

    Fun fact: You've made 1234 posts in off-topic.

  11. issy2

    oh nooo. thats a shame: ( that was like one of my fave poems

    i will definitely be reading the new ones :P

  12. oh nooo. thats a shame: ( that was like one of my fave poems

    i will definitely be reading the new ones :P

  13. l0rd

    Nah. Well if I get inspired maybe I'll put up a new set of raw thoughts, the old ones are forever gone though :p

  14. issy2

    Btw, are you going to put Raw Thoughts back up? just curious : )

  15. issy2


    Yeah I haven't really got the whole 'friends' thing yet... (in Tipit I mean xD)

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