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  1. How much wood would ipushwood push if ipushwood could push wood?

  2. Happy birthday :D

  3. umm pretty much i just wanna know some tasty goooood food that i can stick to. money's not a problem, payday on thursday :) but anyway yeah just everyones favorite food and some suggestions would help, but thanks
  4. haha yeahhhh but whateverr its alll good. hah so whats upppp

  5. We don't understand yours either! :P Sex, beer, football. Gollygeewhillickers men are complex! If I may quote Pride & Prejudice: are you so severe on your own sex? First of all, there is much more to *decent* men than sex, beer, and football. And even if all men were that simple, it certainly wouldn't be something to brag about. Good for you. This could have been a good thread if every other man in here wasn't so focused on the physical. The physical is what seperates our genders. We should be attracted to the physical parts because everything else personality wise can be found in our own gender. Yeah suuper good point, but there's always gonna be those really shallow people where looks is all that matter. Looks should just be a plus, imo.
  6. Well i work at a skatepark, so access to one isnt a problem. and biking is a definate not cause my wrists are blown from falling too much on them. but yeah i was thinking just running would be a better weight loss option. i've almost completely cut out soda and other high sugared drinks. what other eating tips can i do to more effectively lose some weght?
  7. not sure what it was but i wasn't too fond of Boris haha, but maybe i'm just weird
  8. Aw D: It was nice.

  9. yeah neither gender will ever understand the others' way of thought.. sounds like a bummer
  10. is this possible at all? i've had a few roadblocks from keeping me fit, and have gained weight i definately do not want. i skate a lot as it is, but if i skate more than usual would it be a good exercise or should i stick to jogging?
  11. haaaahaha. made me laugh, that was a good one :P
  12. What's your favorite think about the opposite sex? like features, personality types, etc. i like goofy girls haha. sounds kinda weird in writing, but whateverrr (: oooh and we should probably keep it appropriate.
  13. yeah all those bands had some good talent haha
  14. haha thank youu, but it got deletedddd :/

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