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  1. If City don't win any remaining games (one loss, two draws) we can get 4th with better goal difference. It's a long shot but it just goes to show how our season has turned around.
  2. Why? I hate the feeling of not having any form of structure in life. What good is being broke and bored? I was broke but I was never bored.
  3. I miss being unemployed.
  4. Viva Suarez. What a player.
  5. I want to wrap this moment up so I can preserve it and look at it when I'm feeling down. King Kenny for the job.
  6. Kenny must be one of the nicest men who has ever lived. It's a joy to have him back in the game.
  7. Well, Torres has proved that he is completely without class, so a move to Chelsea makes sense. Everyone knows that's where arseholes belong.
  8. It'll be unforgivable for Torres to go to Chelsea, though it looks as if that will be the way of things. It's a real shame. I can understand his desire to win trophies but his timing seems odd and to leave us so close to the end of the window is not very classy at all. I really thought he was a red through and through. Football is a funny old thing. Some guy you never met decides to play for another team and it feels as though you've been stabbed in the back by a friend.
  9. I don't think other sports do have beautiful moments to the same extent that football does.
  10. Blame Game is as good a new song as I've heard in a long time.
  11. He's the greatest (however barely) living journalist.

  12. From your location, is it possible you're a reader of the much-maligned intellectual pugilist, Christopher Hitchens?

  13. I feel the same way about all writing. It's no fun when it's forced, and I hate feeling like the things I write will be judged and analyzed. Writers force themselves to write. The whole notion of 'writing when inspired' is the naive dream of a novice. Writing pages and pages of crap is essential.
  14. People should never want or try to forget 9/11. Shame on anyone who thinks so.
  15. Lateralus


    I'm a bartender. It's probably the best job I've ever had. The pay is terrible, but I get to meet interesting people and drunk women. Very rarely do I meet an interesting drunk woman.
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