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  1. Dammit. People will think I'm you >.<

  2. Happy birthday :D

  3. Resident Evil soundtrack; normally not at all a fan of this kind of music, but for some reason I'm hooked on it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zp75lEXheBk
  4. Did you even watch the same video that I watched!?!!!? Not intending to hurt anyone means raising the gun straight up then shooting.... Pointing a gun at someone and firing three times shows pretty clear intention. The fact that he missed doesn't change his intent, it just means he's a lousy shot. He pointed it lower than the guy, shooting only to scare, then shot it again in the air, before being shot by the guard. After being shot by the guard, he had a moment of panic where he did appear to point and shoot, but that was because he had been forced into a panic. You don't try to aggravate a mentally unstable man. I would also like to point out that the security guard was a trained professional, while the members of the audience were not. He was hired for the purpose. Do you have eyes? Watch the video again. He clearly raises the gun, lowers it and aims AT the superintendent, then shoots. Not above, not below, AT. I think he must have shot wide right, because the papers on the desk fly off after the bullet flies over. If he shot low originally, you'd see the table's front shatter into a million pieces. His second shot wasn't aimed at all, and it looks like it would have hit the floor. THEN the security guard shoots at him, and the perpetrator ducks and gets off three more shots (where he thinks the board members are) before the security guard shoots again. If the security guard had aim, he would've shot him in a vital spot (like the head or the chest) the first time to end the situation faster. In bold: that's stupid - a small caliber round fired into a soft surface. I'm certainly not by any means a firearms expert, but I think it's fairly obvious what happens then. I can't tell from the video exactly where he's aiming the first shot, but I agree that his second shot was just him pulling the trigger in their generally direction, and I'm fairly certain that one ended up bouncing off the floor.
  5. ^ Lol. I've so far gotten 3 different people addicted to it: this game is like a highly contagious disease, or possibly crack. Pick your simile. Does anyone have any strategies about the best way to get iron? So far, I've basically just been strip mining at 20 or more blocks below sea level, but I think that I may waste more iron on picks that I recover from the extraction operation. Next up: a huge library built in multiple massive trees on an island floating in the sky, with a glass skybridge from it to my main fortress.
  6. I don't really have so much of a playlist, but if I play music while in bed, I generally fall asleep listening to the BBC, or something by Otep. Last night: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D79peD6i-rw
  7. Get a lighted case. and a Kindle is still half the price of an Ipad, and about the same price as a touch (?), and try to tell me that it can be easily read out-doors, with a month of battery life. If you want a touch-screen computer (why, I have no clue) then the iPad/touch is fine. It completely fails as an ebook reader though.
  8. Skeptical


    I'm certainly not an expert, but my physiotherapist has told me that if I need to take painkillers to play more than once, then it's only going to make it worse. My knees are messed up from unbalancing from my hockey training, and the first thing the doctor wanted to do was put me on prescription painkillers... yeah, thank you, but I'd rather actually fix the problem than just hide it with drugs.
  9. **cough** Easy access to handguns is so wonderful **ahem** He's psychologically unstable, he's armed, and he has someone to be angry at. We've always had people like this, and we always will. Thankfully no one was hurt. What scares the crap out of me is the thousands of veterans coming home with PTSD and other psychological disorders from overseas wars. Combine that with easy access to weapons, and all they need is someone to be angry at.
  10. Wouldn't we all do this? Don't they [politicians] ALREADY do this? I never understand why Clinton's lies were worse than his affair. I recently heard an Italian political figure on the BBC talk about Berlusconi: essentially, what he said was that he supported his policies, if not Berlusconi himself. His example was Hitler's conservatism in his personal life (lack of drinking, smoking, womanizing, etc) - it's the policy that makes the political figure, even if it's the vices that make the man. (Although I personally consider Berlusconi's policy slimeball material anyway.) Lying to the public is certainly far different from "mere" womanizing. But it does make you wonder if you really want a man that has so little control over his sexual urges, and so readily abuses his power.
  11. I agree. Didn't Clinton also go out with the highest approval rating of any president? The fact, it seems, is that every President has their scandals. Singling Bill Clinton out seems unfair given other President's scandals as well. I'm not trying to single him out (believe me, you do not want to hear what I think about Bush) - I'm just making sure that people remember him for what he did: killed a mentally disabled man, molested women, cheated multiple times on his wife, lied while under oath, etc. EDIT: He does not just "like banging" - I would think less of him (since he cheated on his wife), but he also lied multiple times to the public in an attempt to cover it up.
  12. He will continue! I'm wary about donating cash through the post, but I really can't do it through money orders. Stupid PayPal.
  13. He was directly responsible for the execution of a black man that was essentially lobotomized by his suicide attempt in an attempt to distract the rest of the public from the Gennifer Flowers scandal. Ricky Ray Rector did not understand what was happening. He tried to save his desert "for after". - And guess what, it worked! Everyone just forgot that he lied under oath. Then, he pardoned terrorists. (And these guys weren't WikiLeaks, either: they were setting off bombs.) Then he went on to buy off some favors for friends and supporters. (See link) Then, there were all of the "smaller" violations of the law and public trust:
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