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  1. Simply put, if music wasn't free, I wouldn't listen to it.
  2. Lemeja


    If there truly is a higher power I think he'd be able to hide all evidence of his existence. Don't ask me why he would do this. Just a thought.
  3. Drop trading was always against the rules. Instead of reporting people though, I used to just snipe their drops :thumbup:
  4. Or let the kids walk home in the blazing heat. :mrgreen: (Or cold, if Texas ever gets cold) Anyone who thinks 45 degrees with rain is cold has never experienced cold. And you've never experienced hot. Where I live it gets to -40 in the winter and 105ish in the summer. It's awful.
  5. Thanks so much for the advice. My winter break is just wrapping up, and I did actually go to a close friend's house for a few days, specifically because I wanted a break. I read your posts over there and thought about your comments. I think guilt might be the best cure. I can only guess that it will take time like Goddess said. Since I got back, things are a little better. We've at least forgotten about the huge fight that made me post here in the first place. Of course, it will take action on my part too. I've really taken your comments to heart guys, thanks.
  6. Someone said it. Before 2007 the game was running fine. The system worked well. The biggest problem was an excess of bots. Frankly, all they did was make my yew logs, coal and other supplies cheaper. The current system is overly complicated and still doesn't accomplish its goal. Botters still exist. People complaining about pkers coming back don't understand what the wilderness is all about. DANGER. The wilderness I remember had danger no matter where you were. That made all the wildy clues and such that much more difficult. And it will make all the wilderness quests that much more difficult too. There will be [wagon] in the wilderness no matter what, whether it's in the old system or just in the current PvP worlds. You will get used to it.
  7. INB4GFTOG Forgot to add that. How would I go about saying this..
  8. What does it mean when you know a girl is completely wrong for you, and does nothing but hurt you, but you still have strong feelings for her? I've had feelings for this girl for a couple YEARS and yes, we've messed around before. Lately, we've been talking a bit more but today I just realized she's still involved with a guy I thought was old news. I don't want to be just friends with her, and honestly I don't feel like I can. Would it be wrong to outright say that?
  9. Bump for serious help. My mother and I are drifting apart. It's ruining my household. I realize hate is a strong word, so I won't use it but I can honestly say I feel no "love" for her. If she were to die, I don't think I'd be affected in the slightest, emotionally. I'm 17 years old, senior in high school. I realize this might just be a phase, but it's been going on for a few years now. She doesn't help either. We always have fights about the smallest things, and they turn into huge, emotional arguments that always end up with her in tears. She raised me as a single mother, after she divorced my abusive father when I was 2. She then remarried with my step dad when I was 8 I believe, and I now live with the two of them. They have 3 younger children together. In 2006, she found her brother (my uncle) dead in his apartment. She hadn't heard from him for weeks (they usually talked every day), so she got very worried. She decided to drop by after going to get some groceries, and found him lying in his bed, probably there for days or more. Since this happened, she's never quite been the same. It's affected my whole family. She retreated to her home and became very over protective of everyone, especially me. Every time we argue about something, even now, it comes back to him. Anyways, the argument that drove me to finally seek help, on tif of all places happened today. Today was the last day of school before our Christmas break. I decided I didn't want to go. I drove off like I normally would, then came back home after everyone had left. She made a surprising trip back home a couple hours later, and found me using the computer. After she found me, I quickly made up some story about the parking lot being empty, and me getting the date wrong. She didn't believe me. So she cut my cell phone line. I threw a huge fit, and left the house. 2 hours later I get back and she's still there (her lunch break is only supposed to be 1 hour.) I try and talk to her and convince her to reconnect the line, sticking with my story about how I simply made a mistake, and that it was unfair to punish me for "no reason." She refuses and we have another huge argument. She goes back to work. So I decide to leave the house and don't come back until late at night, around 12:30. I got 3 phone calls from her and from my step-dad but refuse to answer, and eventually turn off my phone, still heated about the argument. When I get home, I find her standing alone in the dark house. Crying. I look at her, take off my shoes and go to my room, in silence. She calls me down, and I go. She tells me she's been standing there for 2 hours waiting for me to get home. I say "sorry" unemotionally and go back to my room. And now I'm here writing this. If you read all that, thank you. Before you reply, I KNOW all of this could have been prevented if I had just gone to school, or if I didn't do this or that. I know. But this is bigger than that. We are drifting apart, and I feel like in a few months when I move out, I'll be happier than ever, and I will never see them again. I don't want this to happen, but at the same time I do. I despise the sight of my mother. I don't talk to her. I don't acknowledge her. If she asks me something, I grudgingly answer her questions and treat her like a pest. She's snoopy, overprotective and annoying. I'm rude, disrespectful, and uncaring. I don't really know what I'm looking for by posting this here, but it felt good to get that out. Any advice is welcome, because a relationship with my mother is something I don't want to lose, however little of it I have left.
  10. You guys read waaay too much into the lore. If they want to put Zaros behind that door, they'll bs some new lore and put him there.
  11. I think it's obvious what's happening here. They've lost so much money that they have no choice but to change everything back. Jagex has already made the decision to bring everything back. This lopsided vote is just a clever ploy to make everyone think they're finally listening to their players. I support the wilderness and free trade coming back, but I don't like how they're going about this.
  12. I own a Tmobile G1, which is ancient now. I'm hoping to upgrade to the G2 soon, and then get the G3 in 2 years etc. :P
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