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  1. So I ran Linux to copy my hard drive to another, and when it booted from my USB I got an error... "cannot find viewer" or something of the sort. The desktop icons then disappeared and the error box lost it's text as the mouse flashed between loading and ready, unable to select anything. In windows, earlier, I ran chkdsk/f and still found errors in a read only scan. I don't think the problem is windows - once again, I'm led to believe it could either be my RAM or my hard drive... Thanks again.
  2. Why not XP? Honestly, it's my only other viable option other than reinstalling Windows 7. But if the problem is related to the OS, why would I want to do that? And yes, I realize XP is slowly fading out (Battlefield 3 is my biggest concern), but again, I don't have many other options.
  3. I'm running Windows 7, 64-bit. I haven't gotten to backing up and going to XP yet, but I did do one thing: [hide=My Own Tangent] I looked up my errors in the computer logs, and found a lot of "NTFS errors" of code 0x800000000000 (idk the exact 0s). Apparently this associated with BSOD, which I've gotten (though not near the number of times the error is logged). Anywho, I Google'd it and one person said to start the "Volume Shadow Copy" service. Which I did. Checking now, after a restart, it isn't running, but I've had no errors since. I believe it's a result of that corrupt file... I'll be sure to get rid of it soon enough. [/hide] I think that unless I find a definite problem/solution to my army of small, annoying bugs, I'm going to go to XP (32-bit... sadface) regardless. It mostly comes down to when I care to make a backup and do it.
  4. I ran chkdsk, and the corrupt file (which I found, in a hidden folder) is still there. It's from Thunderbird, which I tried out then deleted... I think I'll go into Linux one day and delete it - I had this problem once before and settled it that way.
  5. So I ran Ubuntu off of my flash drive, and everything went smoothly. Now when I run Windows, everything is smooth again. The computer is much quieter than it has been recently, McAfee is back online without error, and I haven't crashed. CCleaner still tells me I have a corrupt file, but I can't find it. Left 4 Dead is still in a state of vegetation. Everything's pretty much back to normal. Problem solved...?
  6. It's going to be a pain either way lol. I have the Windows 7 and Windows XP installation discs lying around the house, so it's mostly just a matter of backing up my files. In the meantime, I may as well run Ubuntu (I forgot that I had the installation on my USB already) and mess around with it. And I'll wait to downgrade until I get a second opinion. I have a few small spare hard drives, but I don't think my hard drive is the source of my error. That was last time :wink:
  7. Yeah, I certainly don't want to spend money for a new mobo >_> I'll try downgrading to XP, I suppose (because I'm not sure how to test my applications in Linux)... even though it's much less pretty. Although, any other input is welcome before I do so!
  8. Why do you think it's an OS problem? Although I've never had problems before getting into Windows, I would never have thought it was Windows.....
  9. Soooooo I think my motherboard has some errors, but I'm not entirely sure. This is my model: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813128431 [hide=Here's a list of errors....] Firefox crashes often. Starcraft 2 crashes without any error message. Adobe Flash Player often crashes (usually fixed with a refresh). I've gotten some blue screens (I haven't been able to take a picture, the computer resets before I can). Some things will work some days, then not work other days (McAffee is occasionally disabled, DAT files are determined to be corrupt or missing, yet it works on other occasions). Occasionally, Skype will fail to recognize my headset, and then my entire soundcard (which is integrated). The Steam Servers have been busy for far longer than I would rightly imagine (Left 4 Dead 2 STILL won't work for me. fml.) [/hide] Now, sometimes I turn on my computer and everything runs smoothly. I initially thought that my RAM might be at fault, but only 1 test ever found a problem. Further, finer tests never found another error. I still have to test each individual stick (2x 2gb) with Mem86 Scan (I think that's it), because it says it only recognizes up to 4gb (of my 4.0001). TL;DR - I think my motherboard is brokeded how do I find out/fix it? I feel like I only ever go on this forum to complain, but you all always help. Again, Thanks very much.
  10. Mr_Adam


    Thunderstorms are wonderful. I wish I had seen lightning hit the ground. The lightning's bright and the thunder is loud, but they're fairly spread out so it must be pretty far away. I wonder how it is right under the storm o.o
  11. Mr_Adam


    Have to put together and edit a video on transportation for school, and then I should look into creating a portfolio so I can get into a big writing class next year. Everytime I think I'm done, school just throws another punch in >_>
  12. Call your builder (but don't pay, dammit!) or open it up yourself. If he did it well it shouldn't be TOO hectic, but make sure everything is plugged in securely. My front ports didn't work first try, and I had to find them and plug them in. I don't know about the back ports though, because they're connected to the mobo. If the mobo wasn't working properly, I'd imagine you'd have some other major errors.
  13. I'm looking for some sort of RPG, I suppose. I really have an itch to play Final Fantasy - I loved the Sixth, but never got as sucked into XII as much as I wanted (couldn't hear the story, had no idea what was going on. But I liked the gameplay). A friend suggested Demon's Souls, because I don't want anything with too much J. Is FF XIII worth it? Or maybe I should try one on the DS?
  14. Mr_Adam


    [hide=Not too related] Wait... what? This thread sounds pretty interesting... It's not pointless. Unicorns have horns have points. Centaurs? Pointless. [/hide] Anywho, I'm not too much of a talker myself, but if I want to keep a conversation afloat, I'll bring up some similar interests or something, and try and let the other person keep it going while I just add something here or there. Usually works enough to get me by lol. Or, I just complain about things. Although I don't imagine that that would work so well outside of high school =P
  15. Welp, Windows says I don't have any fragmentation at all. OK. Guess there's just something about that game. Thank you, problem solved!
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