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  1. From a fellow Tip.It'er, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! ^_^

  2. This is the first cod that I actually don't have fun playing at all. I don't know if I've changed or if cod has changed. All previous cods were really enjoyable and I could have a good time playing with friends and such but now it just feels kind of dead. Anyone else have this?
  3. Thanks, my plan from this point on is to finish up fishing, then do thieving and hunter, smithing, and agility last. After agility, then I'll do the rest of dungeoneering and work on other comp cape requirements like quests. Either that or I'll do whatever I fancy and take another 2 years to max. :razz:
  4. When the author of a book is in a huge font on the cover (bigger than the title). I'll be perusing a bookshelf and see a book titled "Bob Jones" (or whatever the author is) and wonder what it's about. Then I look closer and there's the title in tiny print at the bottom. It makes me not want to read the book because the author seems self-important.
  5. Apparently you're only allowed to have so many images in one post, so the first post will be continued here from now on. Fishing: Firemaking: Agility: Thieving: Hunter:
  6. #19 I'll be fishing now while doing Char's' training cave weekly for firemaking xp.
  7. Yeah, had a lot of rl stuff happen lately. But at least fishing and agility will be my only slow skills left after mining.
  8. 99 mining will probably happen soon, then 99 magic to follow. Superheating while mining came to be too much work so I went back to dropping my ores and plankmaking.
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