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  1. Watch the price of oil increase very rapidly pretty soon. It's already running out we couldn't afford to let it run out faster because of this oil spill
  2. I'm a pro choice kind of guy ( I hate abortion) Think of the poor starving kids all over the world in those 3rd world countries. Living is not a joy for them.. it's a nightmare. Life isn't a bed of roses and if a parent to be can't take care of a child then does that person have the right to subject that child to a life of poverty and hardships. There's also other factors here, rape victims for one, would any of you like to have the child of a rapist? I personally wouldn't tell my girlfriend to abort my child if she got pregnant because we can both look after it. It's a touchy subject it has to be said but at the end of the day it's not my choice/ your choice on whether or not someone has an abortion it's the decision of the mother to be and her family to make. As I said before I hate abortions and you can't really make an argument for abortion but I believe it should be up to the individual to decide
  3. imbackstinkers


    I want to heat milk (i don't want to pasteurize it) because i am have to do this test on unpasteurized milk spoilage and i believe that raw milk only spoils at a higher temp so how would i go about doing this. Full question a family which keeps cows usually collect milk in the morning and leave it in their kitchen until someone has a chance to boil it and put it away in the fridge. Some days it stays out longer than others and the daily temperatures vary. They usually have no problems with spoiling. Find out why? If here isn't the place to ask then I'm sorry
  4. imbackstinkers


    Do you have? If not what medication did you use or are you blessed with perfect skin? Views on it I first got acne last month, bought some proactiv it turned my face red and gave me an awful rash, so did neutrogena and clearasil so i guess im just really unlucky
  5. There's this girl, she likes me but i feel no connection with her whatsoever, physically or emotionally but she isn't ugly so should i date her
  6. I quit facebook, took down all my pictures, deleted all my friends called them to tell them i was leaving the world of facebook *some of them fainted from the shock* Now why did i quit? Got bored of facebook *hears readers hit the floor* Actually I don't know why, nothing drastic happened but i was there on the site and I just quit Are you on facebook? If so/If not why? what do you think of it?
  7. I need a bit of advice,There are these two girls i know let's call them girl A and girl B Girl A She is soooo pretty, im a pretty average guy, stuck in the middle class society of high school shes in the upper class society I asked her out about 2 years ago let's say she turned me down she's pretty but a first rate b...., you might not like me saying that about a girl but if you met her you would know, after that i moved on but she's been acting weird for the past month going out of her way to talk to me (small talk, how are ya etc) then today she asked me out and said everything i was doing this past year was to make her jealous and she knows i like her and she said she loved him. I stared at her and walked away. This is where Girl B comes in Girl B She is pretty but not as pretty as Girl A, she's also pretty much middle class, about 1 year after A turned me down i asked out B she said yes and we've been together as bf and gf for the past year and it's going pretty great and i thought i was past A but we've been having problems lately and with A's proclamation of love which i don't even know is sincere i'm not sure how i feel about either. Oh im so confused
  8. Q1:What is something you write down to remember? A:password Q2:What is something you hear on the radio besides music? A:miley cyrus singing (i crack me up) Q3:Why might a taxi driver say he had a bad day? A:taxi was stolen Q4:What is something you're likely to forget in your car? A:car keys Q5:Name an item you would find in a 3-day survival kit. A:another survival kit Q6:What is something you may find on top of a mountain? A:skeleton Q7:What is something you would hate to find in the food your eating? A:cardboard
  9. He/She was HIV positive. Here's the scenario You meet someone, you fall in love with him/her, you go all the way sometimes with condoms sometimes without. You propose to your significant other and he/she accepts and on your wedding day at the altar they tell you the truth about their status Would you still go through with the wedding. I ask because my guidance teacher asked my class that same question and it caused a bit of a stir
  10. does tip it like? comment and post your own
  11. Those who work out might know what i mean. The day/two days after you work out/lift weights your arms are usually sore, this had been happening to me for a few weeks but suddenly i can lift weights every day for a half hour each day without any soreness in my arms.Im just wondering if after a few weeks of working out if day after soreness becomes a thing of the [ast
  12. Water is barred, don't mention it. So what is your favorite beverage and what is the healthiest beverage (all types included except water and you can define healthiest anyway you want)
  13. I mean do you play stuff like videogames or sports by yourself. I for one go to my local playing field and practice penalties by myself, i just concentrate on getting it inside the goal bars,so that in a real game i won't miss the goal completely. I have be known for my love of single player games/videogames, i like multiplayer games but most of the time they are lopsided, either you are better than everyone else or your the worse out of the bunch, theres no in-between. Take that high school basketball game for example when the socre was 100-0, then there is the odd chance of your team mate letting you down, John terry for chelsea at the champions league finals spring to mind. Of course you need to know to work with people and the benefits of teamwork but Do you like to be part of the group of guys playing halo 3 or the guy who likes to sit down with a nice rpg and grind to the last battle, i'm not asking if your anti-social or are a loner i'm just asking if you prefer to play/do things in general by yourself.
  14. last year of middle school, and no my p.e teachers toss some balls at us and let us play with them [hide=]You know basketballs,footballs, tennis balls etc[/hide]
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