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  1. Well the cord came with the computer but I plugged it into "RGB In" on my TV, Sorry I really suck with computer stuff lol. And yeah, I was meaning get rid of all the files, It runs slow and possibly has viruses.
  2. Alright so I was trying to hook up a computer I got to my TV, I got it plugged in and it will work while the loading screen comes up for the computer then once it goes away it says invalid format, Is there anyway I can fix this? Also I was wonder if theres any way I could completely clean out the computer? I don't mind if I'd have to delete everything. I'm not good with computers so any helps appreciated, Thanks!
  3. Alright thank's for the feedback everyone, I'll look into it! Still open to any suggestions, Also: Does the trick still work to get rid of bots (Saying: "There is no ammo left in your quiver.")? Also been hearing Giant Mole can be quite profitable, Is this true, If so is there any good guides/methods? I'm off to a concert tonight though so I'll have to check this out tomorrow, Thank's for all the help everyone!
  4. Alright, Thanks for the info! Only problem is I don't have access to any of that, I really need to catch up lol! I guess Black Salamander is looking like my best option?
  5. Hey everyone, Just have a few questions so I'll post my stats and questions below! 99 Attack/99 Strength/92 Defence/86 Ranged/94 Magic/79 Summoning/72 Prayer. What barrows method/gear/inventory would be good for me, I don't have much money and I'm looking to rebuild, So no expensive methods please. Also, I'm looking to train ranged however I don't want to spend any money, So I'm looking for the best exp/hour and possible profit/hour. I'd be willing to sacrafice some xp for gp/hour aswell. And besides that any other money making advice would be great, Things have changed so much since my money making days I'm not very good at making money anymore. All help is appreciated, Thanks! :)
  6. Alright so I'm 86 Ranged and I'm basically looking for something that I won't lose money on or even possibly something that's profitable. EXP Rates/Profit Rates would be great, Thanks!
  7. Haha thanks man! Give me a message ingame sometime, Havent chatted with you forever! Maybe we'll have to hit up some MHing, I need the cash haha down like 230M since free trade o.O
  8. That last 100K EXP went soooo slow haha! Glad I got it, Wanted this cape forever! Also got this tonight:
  9. Awesome. I remember this thread from the old duel arena haha, Can't wait to see it updated!
  10. I'll probably end up doing Green Dragons, Maybe try some revs. I did lot's of monster hunting before OVLS/Summoning but with prices these days it doesent seem efficient to do that anymore.
  11. Well I was thinking about maybe Green Dragons or something. I don't really wanna camp abby demons or spiritual mages cause I find them fairly boring. Maybe even monster hunting for money? I'm not sure what I can do efficiently anymore. I'm 99/99/91 and 94 Magic/86 Ranged (72 Prayer/60 Herblore).
  12. Thanks guys :D. Now I'm just Slaying probably gunna slowly work at Defence. Gotta do some monster hunting too, Got rule switched for 100M at the duel arena today >_<.
  13. I was just wondering what the best GP/XP is for Herblore right now? I'm looking to get 85 (Currently 60).
  14. Thats not a "Clean". A clean is when you win all my money. Considering I won 50M before I duelled you and won 15M right after, I don't find myself cleaned at all :P. Can't wait till I'm done training I got a solid cash pile and lotsa nice items, I should be able to get some nice stakes in.
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