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  1. I have a santa. I bought it last summer for 15.5 mil. I left runescape. If I sell my hat, I might come back. Is now a good time to sell a santa? I was going to sell at Christmas, but I forgot and then the price at the GE was 14 mil, a while after. (Preferably, I'd like to sell for 19 mil, but I'll take what I can)
  2. My setup has changed a lot over the years, and I'm more knowledgeable now. Firstly - Don't use a software firewall. If a virus starts on your computer, the firewall can be shut of from it. And a software firewall is not necessary as protection from external threats - at least I have heard about no exploits that way in years, and it's pretty much considered unnecessary by most operators. There are hardware firewalls that will do a great job on both ends, and can almost always tell you when you have a virus, as well as preventing them from phoning home, bu they are expensive and I wouldn't worry about it. Software firewalls are just difficult to use, and hinder all communication with the net. Next, as an AV program I use Avira AV, which has kept me secure for 3 years. it is consistently rated the best free program, and better then most paid ones. Has stopped a few hundred viruses for me, and I go to some pretty bad places. :twisted: It also has had little impact on my computers performance. The biggest change is in start up speed - I lost 3/4 of a second. I do actually run a few free AVs on my PC occasionally - just to ensure I have nothing bad installed. Here's my trick to leave nothing behind after their scan - I install them in a sandbox! If they ever find something, I'll look up the virus, ensure it's not a false-positive, and install a remover specifically tailored for the virus. Those are the best ways to remove a virus, as some counter actual AVs. These are small and new, and can almost always delete the virus. Another AV I'm keeping my eye on is Threatfire, because I think it will be the way all detection goes immediately, but for now it's not good enough to remove my other AV, and I don't want two on my computer. Just some tips for general computing - always run [Caution: Executable File] files first in a sandbox, and see what changes it would do, or upload it to a site like virus total, to check it there. Install Secunia PSI and schedule it to run biweekly, to ensure your programs are up to date. Uninstall programs with ones like Revo uninstaller, so as to make sure nothing is left behind. And delete your temp files and all biweekly with ccleaner. You won't regret it. Computer runs so much faster! Good luck! Just remember - free can be good too!
  3. I'm relatively sure that all those capacitors don't exist on laptops - I've taken apart it's PSU, and saw no capacitors. Likewise around the screen. I think laptops are pretty much harmless :)
  4. I'm going to go right ahead and say.... No. It could be very difficult to fix your speakers. The best you could hope for would be a lose wire you could solder or plug back in. I recently toke my laptop apart, and noticed that the speakers were damn near inaccessible. I'd bring it into a shop to get it repaired, if I were you.
  5. You've just scared the heck out of me... I really don't know what to think. I'm in shock. That's a lot of passes/sec. Then I did the math, and if I didn't screw it up, that still takes billions of years to crack my pass :) What I like about using words is that I can remember a word as easily as a letter - and caps kill me. So if I use v, that's 1/26, or 1/74 of we're using all the characters. But if I remember farce, that's 1/500k, which is a much better deal. I throw in a lot of numbers and characters too so that a dictionary based attack will have to start guessing random characters added in. And do you want to know a secret? Regardless of weather or not you used caps, if the software assumes you did, it will still take that long to crack it :) I know one word can be found very easily, but when you use a few words, as well as random chars... Takes a lot longer. Oh, and I have several throwaway passes too, and groups of passes - I use the same pass for about 5 wikis I edit. I'm really supprised I'm the only one who uses words, though. Adding misspellings can defeat dictionary based attacks, too.
  6. Recently, a friend of mine had her password stolen for her banking account, and I've decided to get off my lazy [wagon] and stop using 3 passwords. I was setting my passwords uniquely for every site, when I realized how impossible they are to crack. At lease, I think. See this: ##LONGWORD#*#LONGWORD#*#LONGWORD## Now, assuming 500k words in English (there are really more then a million, plus scientific terms) 100*500000*2600*500000*2600*500000*100 = 8 450 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 That's 8 hextillion, 450 septillion. Does anyone think that's just a tad paranoid? Oh, and I have about 35 of those to remember. What'd ya say, tip.it? Am I crazy? What kinda passes do you use? And am I the only one who wants to immolate every site that has a character limit on passwords less then 64? Cheers!
  7. I'm waiting for a cheap smart phone to come here in Canada. We had a spectrum auction recently, and some new guys are entering. If you're aware of how low the competition is, one pay-as-you-go play for data is .05$/KB. So yeah, I'm waiting for something running android, or a iphone without a horrible contract. (Ours is the 2nd worst IN THE WORLD!) I think I'll use it for everything, as people I know have said they do. I suggest you get a smartphone. :)
  8. I use CD BurnerXP. It hasen't crashed for me yet, which is something. Is free, and intuitive.
  9. I think he does, and at least I'd like it. There is little point in planing to train past 68. Figuring out how from the guide to 99 is kinda messed. Another tab that is only to 68 would be much appreciated, really.
  10. Can I ask who didn't grow them before the update? They very rarely died! Stupid people are doing this, methinks. But, then again, this could be a culminative effect after there were a few large purposes. I've noticed it happening a lot before, and with the GE, people don't say "screw you, I'm going to find someone else who'll give me a better price! I sure liked trading better without the GE... No huge fluctuations unless there really WAS much more demand...
  11. Everyone who believes literally in some ancient holy book should be eliminated from this world for the sake of humanity! Everyone who has nothing they would die for is not a human. God, I really COULD do a better job then these teachers! Send them to work at fast food places! I want ALL of you down on you knees, before me! You know what? I really do think I'm superior to you, get a grip on your emotions and grow up! This would be so much easier if bodies dissipated when they died... You spend 20k on a funeral? He's dead! spend it on a psychologist, if you want to feel closure! I don't care about your sister, aunt, mother of daughter's story - don't complain about how they are treated to me, I didn't do it! Guys sure don't care when girls rape them, so why should you! ^ ^ All some pretty horrible thoughts, eh?? And the grand final, which I actually think is not unethical, but you might - Sheltering the stupid encourages stupidity, so, well, just, DON'T!
  12. Evolution is one hell of a hard thing to comprehend - I don't think we have numbers to describe the odds of humans evolving! It's no coincidence that an inherent property of organic compounds is self-replication! And, the odds of consciousness evolving are probably the greatest ever - now we are masters of our own DNA! (not yet, but soon, anyway) But then again, the universe is one of an infinite number, each containing a incredible number of planets. And what about alternate dimensions? But, I have studied evolution, thoroughly, and believe that it is incredible probable that other life exists too. Although I don't think it is probably conscious. So god is not necessary for us to be. Although it is mind-boggling how we exist... If god did exist, though, I think he designed the universe, with the laws of physics, so that we might evolve, but tried other places too, and may have even decided to stay in one universe. He might also have been trying to create an equal to him. If so, humanity = fail. Consider these arguments, all against a christian/catholic/islam god.
  13. OK, I've been divvying up how I do my farming since I am doing a lot more herb farming, and have decided that trees should be done on a unique route. I've been thinking really hard, but I am not finished, and am hoping you guys can give me a hand :) When I say trees, I mean fruit trees too. This is my best try: Lumbridge tree, canoe to champions guild and do a poison ivy, varrock tree, GE bank. Then fruit at maze, fruit at gnomes, tree at gnomes, bank at gnomes, balloon to tavelry, balloon to crafting guild plant ivy, balloon back to gnomes, bank and go up to the gnome glider, cactus at al kharid, glider to wolf mountain, fruit there, bank. Take the ship to brimhaven, fruit then qalquat, tele to fally, plant tree, teleport to llyeta and plant fruit, and done! Any comments would be appreciated.
  14. Impressive. 9/10 for unnecessary items, though. I mean, four types or nails? Empty tree pots? And way too many potions with odd doses.
  15. Oh, dear... so, you fought 2 bats, eh? Well, see if you can top this: I used to live on PEI, and had a big chimney. It was not one of those little pipes, but a full brick, 16"*16" chimney. And, apparently it had nothing covering it! When spring rolled around, we started hearing chirps. We thought it was mice (we'd had some trouble with them before) and set traps, but after a week of catching nothing, decided to forget about it. One day, we were outside late, having a barbacaue, and someone said they just saw a bat fly out of our chimney. We didn't believe it, but, about 20 mins later, a group of them - about 30 - flew out. We were all amazed. Throughout the evening, we figured 2300 flew out. We called a pest killer guy, who told us to start a fire in the old wood stove that we never used. Boy, you should have seen them all fly out - It looked like the sky was black! Although counting bats that fast is impossible, it was definitely more then 3000! We kept the fire going for a week, then bought a grate to put over it, and well, that was the end of that - although there was a fair bit more soot for a while, and plenty of bones. Oh, I miss that old house :(
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