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  1. Really rough estimates (ignoring costs, time to make charms) and just counting the time to get the charms and talon beast charms... (x2 because the 2.7 will degrade down till 1.1) 1015 xp per talon beast, x2 = 2030. 420 xp per pak yak, x2 = 840. 2.4x as much xp. For simplicities sake, let's say you are doing this for 2.4 hours. (You can extend this, it'll be the same. But it makes it easier for me to calc) You spend 1 hour getting Crimsons for Talon beasts, compared to 2.4 hours for the pack yak. This means you must make 100 talon beast charms in that 1.4 hours, or 71 talon beast charms an hour... If I remember correctly, you make less? Although personally I never tested it. I'm pretty sure your goal is unlikely through talon beast charms, because that would also mean you need to over 20k talon beast charms to make full use of the weekend. Basically, what I'm saying is it's unlikely you'll reach your goal, and furthermore this method is probably worse than just leveling normally through non-talon pouches. That is, of course, unelss you could make that many talon charms an hour.
  2. Higher attack, magic based, magic xp, and smaller... it is superior to geyser in most situations, because its small size is more significant than the geyser's ability to range.
  3. If you Waterfiend, that'll pretty much pay for your shards and seconds. Put it on herblore. If you're not, put it on slayer or something slow
  4. The average human reaction time is 1/5th of a second. Average gamer's is a little slower than 1/10th's ish
  5. Don't even bother with willows... go high trees, or no trees. I'm doing Torstols.
  6. Try getting a Slayer staff + DFS :wink:
  7. If you make your own unf pots, its 25gp/xp. If you buy unf pots, it's 29-31 gp/xp right now at today's prices.
  8. Combat familiars are always good if don't need the HP (a good amount of tasks) and yes, it is worth getting passed 90. It's not too expensive (especially compared to your other goals) so I would recommend doing that first before your other goals.
  9. Even with it, if your attack is anywhere near decent it shouldn't matter. Only consider these weaknesses once you get to higher leveled monsters.
  10. Inuashakent

    Smash Club.

    Good luck beating a Sheik with Ganon... haha... :P Chain = 0 approach method, camp till win.
  11. Inuashakent

    Smash Club.

    Yeah, I'm with Sonic... Brawl's fun, and it does (surprisingly) have depth to it despite what most think. I'm playing Tekken 6 a lot semi-competitively, and that's fun... :rolleyes:
  12. DFS sucks for Slayer. Go with the R Defender.
  13. Inuashakent

    Smash Club.

    Haha my coin count would probably be in millions if there wasn't a limit. :ohnoes:
  14. Inuashakent

    Smash Club.

    It's all about mindgames. ;) Was pretty unnecessary... but whatever.
  15. Inuashakent

    Smash Club.

    I have no problem with any of those... Combo dodge=sidestep and roll, recover air dodge, and he owns all but the fastest of characters. Even then, I usually get a lucky Smash in there and own 'em. Side stepping and rolling doesn't mean you aren't combo-able, it just means your opponents needs to add one extra step: punish. In reality, it would be much better if you could DI out of a com bo, but Ike has no fast/short lasting aerials, so Ike can't really DI. Thats not DI or even SDI, I'm pretty sure that's called momentum cancelling (i forget) but it doesn't matter for combo ability, it just matters for survivability. Ike's smashes aren't reliable. A 4 year old can shield the Fsmash and the Usmash and Dsmash don't have enough power to compensate their slow speed. In most cases, Ike's Ftilt would be a better killer, or one of his 2 [bleep]es/fair if your opponent is off-stage. (That's another great thing, I'm pretty sure Ike's fair is the fair with the greatest range in the game, if not THE aerial with the greatest range. It hits almost everywhere above, below, and a long way in front of Ike and is pretty fast for its power, imo. I don't think even Meta Knight's aerials can reach as far as Ike's fair, but that doesn't mean Ike's aerials are better.) Yeah, exactly. They really aren't reliable. His Usmash is GREAT though, you can punish most airbourne characters with it.
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