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  1. HI JULIUS <3

  2. I got access to the Beta yesterday :thumbup:. Let me just say I'm ranked highest in the copper league by playing from 23:00 to 06:00 also known as my zombie mode. I honestly didn't think the players would be that bad, Although some Zergs are scarily good :x. [hide= Aggressive Reaper opening I made ]My Goal: Fast 2 barracks Reaper w/ an optional 3 Marine push Building placement: Both barracks sealing off the shokepoint completely or one barrack blocking the shokepoint w/ an supply depot. Build order (food): 10/11 - Build SCVs until 10/11 10/11 - Place your barrack so you can fit another one in there and the add-on 10/11 - Place your second barrack so it seals your choke. 10/11 - Supply depot 10/11 - Refinery 11/11 - Start a marine from your first barrack (Scout with SCV*) 11/19 - Start making one marine out of each barrack 13/19 - Now you can optionally push out with your three marines** 13/19 - As the two marines pop out throw down the techlab add-on on both Barracks 13/19 - Second Refinery as the techlabs are building*** 15/19 - Make two Reapers**** *This may cause a few second delay on your first set of reapers. **Depending if you scout or not you can choose to just have them as defense at your shoke. I've noticed that this can severely punish greedy T player by "sniping" one of their depots in their wall-off, It's also very hard as the opponent to save his marines since they'll auto-attack and instead of following the set rally point, 3 > 1. Can also "snipe" a Protoss's (?) pylon if he opt for a late gateway/pylon, otherwise with micro you can bring down at least one of his zealots. ***having 2 workers on each refiner seems to be sufficient, this means that you'll slowly pile up additional minerals which can be spent on a additional Barrack to pump even more reapers in longer term (3 workers on each refinerY saturates this quite well) or go for an more economical route into the mid-game. ****If marines are alive at this point (rarely) you can sneak up from behind with your Reapers. After this point it's all up to your own decision making.[/hide]
  3. VjuliusT

    Empty Spaces

    Nice photo, not really sure what you tried to achieve using the blue tone though. Meh, Should've noticed this sooner tbh :<, I was on a 6 day WoW marathon though with Coca-Cola as my only liquid :blink:.
  4. Dungeon Siege? I think I've seen my brother play it.
  5. Well there is always 6 pool. Although on a less cheesy note a 10 pool w/ a queen after is very effective, vs. Terran you can usually down a supply depot (since zerglings spread so well now) just as his scvs gets there to repair it. You'll lose a few zerglings to his marines but you have an extra 8 later on thanks to the Queen. Haven't done it vs. protoss though, I can imagine that it's really easy to do bypass his Zealots since the collision mechanic is slightly odd (It's possible to bypass Zealots by just by moving your zerglings through them), Can image that they'll fix this later on. Really want to see a zergling all-in of some sort to see the effectiveness of it (Haven't seen it on a stream yet nor tried it myself). Well it depends on whetever it's highlevel play or not. Can't really comment on that since most of the games are really fast paced with a lot of tier 1-2 units. Although I'm fairly sure it'll be plausible when players have learned how to "defend" properly like they've done in vanilla SC. You think of the 8 (6 maybe?) player map in SC where it always is this huge BC/Carrier-fest? (Atleast for me whenever I was at a Lan-party) There are no 5-8 maps yet in SC2 it seems, probably because they want to balance things properly. Short answer is No, there is no such thing.
  6. Pretty broad question, since the majority of things are changed/new you can't really compare SC and SC2's tactics/strategies.
  7. StarCraft 2 is anything but slow :P BTW, anyone know any good Zerg build against a standard marine + marauder rush that doesn't involve roaches? I tried some variations of baneling builds, but I'm not so great at micro'ing them (they seem quite intent at suiciding directly). Roaches are going to be your bread and butter mate. Hydras do pretty well against MMM but oftenly it takes tad to long to get them out. What I recommend is going roaches w/ an evo chamber for +1 attack that should finish a little while after you get your hydra den up. I don't have an betakey so I've been playing with an custom AI that cheats, although the pushes tend to come out at about the same time as in several VODS I've , a bit stronger though. Considering it's updated quite frequently after the builds that are actually going on in the beta I think it's quite accurate in the start but with some faults in mid-end game. Build would be Pool > Queen > 2xGas > Roach> Lair > Evo > Hydra > Hatch @ Nat. I think those are the gas timings I've used and I do move my workers off gas when it's not needed. Might want try Pool > Queen > 2xGas > Lair > Evo > Hydra @ Nat aswell on maps with long rushdistances. Ofcourse you might have to switch it up after what you've seen in his base etc. Btw, I think I deserve a key since I have Korean blood in me :<. :mellow: Me, You, Best of three @ release?
  8. *facedesk* Gosh I'm soo outdated on phones ._. Thanks *walks away embarrased*
  9. Sharpkeys I've used this program for quite some time, it's simple and you have the option to remove all the keybindgs afterwards as well.
  10. Just got myself a cellphone for the first time, wondering if someone could recommend me a site with ringtones and such things? I'm aware that there are tons of lower quality sites with viruses etc. so I thought it would be wise to ask for advice here.
  11. Odd contrast ruins them a bit, understandable for 10 minute sigs though. Me likey :thumbup: though.
  12. VjuliusT


    Got back to my apartment after the hoolidays and didn't have anything to do for an hour (Thank god for WoW buddies logging in afterwards). Last one doesn't feel quite right, I can upload the .psd if anyone want to collab?
  13. Firstly, this was my first time doing that kind of thing... Second, I kept messing up a lot and re-doing parts...Thirdly, this includes time spent talking on msn and browsing facebook...:/ So the manip itself took about 1-2 hours?
  14. You should have used a smaller canvas to begin with, looks to me like you had trouble filling it.
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