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  1. Ahah I've been waiting so long for this. Hopefully they are changing the way characters move and possibly adding more interesting combat mechanics. By the sounds of it they are suggesting the update applies not only to combat but the game in general, that would fit the bill
  2. (About the second article) The answer to your first question is simple. And despite your vigour I would argue you are wrong, MMO's do make things more convenient and do follow the trend. They replace real life achievements with in game ones which are comparatively much easier to achieve. It also makes things more accessible, after all, how easy is it for you to complete a quest where you save (or even become) a member of the royal family. The fact is, the escapist world is much more accessible and convenient than the real one. That explains the difficulty that most players on this topic express; that it is difficult to return to the game after a period of absence because they forget why they considered the in game achievements to be on the same scale as real life ones. Therefore the satisfaction and motivation for the in game achievements is gone. and king_muuuuuu, because most players clearly thought they were throwing the baby out with the bath water, after all a similar affect on crime could be achieved in real life if we implemented an Orwellian government, but (almost) everyone doesn't welcome that idea.
  3. Sweeetttt, second of of my ideas placed into runescape =D not exactly suggesting they even saw the topic but its nice anyway =) 5 years later XD
  4. I don't understand this hype about the fraud of the first one, the first poll is now irrelevant because of the new one and was just there to see if anyone bothered. The new one speaks for itself so there is no damage done by the first one, if it was the other way around and 91% didn't want the change then it would have been reflected in the passworded referendum surely? They have properly explained it all with well laid out bullet points and in the longer and more expanded posts they have admitted the big potential drawbacks. Just because an update will bring players back is not a bad thing it just means it is a more widely preferred option. Basically you are complaining that Jagex are asking you what you think. And is not selfish, if anything Jagex were financially impacted by the botters more than the small amount that quit.
  5. lol, so its all your fault is it? well well well... ;) haha maybe i really don't see how people can have an issue with this, it just means jagex has some good stuff prepared for us, do you like the new update and if not, why?
  6. wow, as it seems jagex liked my hp idea, maybe its time to bump my age old topic
  7. Are you sure earth spells hit better? After a few runs I'm not convinced
  8. After recharging my prayer and returning she has now stopping talking to me at all =( after an hour of two of fiddling about with every foreseeable way i have managed it
  9. through trial and error i tried forcing her to use melee, however she switched to range when my prayer ran out and it happened again. It seems to be that the dialogue comes up but the time it takes for the last arrow to reach me is enough to knock off the dialogue.
  10. In chosen commander where you have to attack zanik i seem to have got stuck and no matter what i try the dialogue disappears very quickly because she hits me again and if YOU attack her again it doesnt even appear. HELP! oh and she doesnt attack me unless i leave and come back again
  11. yeah but what im trying to say is that if you have 10 times the hp you can implement spells better like damage over time maybe a 1 would be too much but a 5 (0.5) would be more fitting, also you would be able to see a clear difference in your hits each level. Also it would be easier to implement the gear giving hp idea as you cant have a bit of gear better than another by 1 hp per level or by level 99 you would get a LOAD of hp. and yes it would make things more interesting
  12. a load of chuckens would be nice the daganoth one is amazing
  13. when you wear veracs skirt and a cape when you look behind the skirt comes through (just a VERY minor one) ill post more if i can
  14. yeah its far too uptight, its the little kids that do all the swearing "jagex should just go and st**"
  15. yeah thats my problem, why waste my little money on something with no use, unless they actually make it viable for anything im not training it
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