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  1. Happy birthday :D

  2. The best way would be to smelt and superheat gold ore with gold smithing gauntlets - this maxes at ~150k xp/hr. Alternatively, you could just smelt the gold and not superheat at the same time for ~80k xp/hr. Smithing steel plates can get you ~158k xp/hr but is significantly more expensive, and if you truly have money to burn you can swap to mithril plates at 68 for 210k/hr. I'd recommend just sticking with smelting and superheating gold ore at Edgeville with the gauntlets and varrock armor. You need about 660k xp, so conservatively saying you'll average 125k/hr, you can expect it to take a little over 5 hours. All xp rates pulled from Grimy's Reference Spreadsheets.
  3. False. If you want xp, the methods described in the guide (pyramid plunder, desert blackjacking, and coshing at thieves guild [not in guide]) are the best way to go. If you're looking to profit you should switch over to master farmers at 93. The best xp you'll see at the garden is around 130k/hr. Not bad, but there are definitely better ways. Anyone who's interested in methods for the Sorceress's Garden (last i checked this guide didn't cover it) may want to check out this guide: http://forum.tip.it/topic/259579-one-clicking-the-summer-garden/
  4. I hate hearing statements like this. First off, while soloing may not be as efficient as groups that doesn't mean that it isn't still an effective way of training. I have a couple of friends who have passed the 99 milestone primarily through soloing dungeons. And secondly, I think that even if you want to train in groups for the better exp, that is no reason to force yourself into "awkward partnerships". That's what your friends are for! If you search around your friends lists I'm sure you'll find a few people that would enjoy training with you. Besides, dungeoneering is far more fun when you're playing with your friends than it is by yourself or with random people.
  5. Can we have two images linking two of the captions? Ex. "How did that get there?" [picture] "And that's how it's done" [picture "showing" how above was done] If two separate images aren't allowed what about a comic strip-type images (still two images but side-by-side and possibly passable as one image? :P)
  6. Wow...that first article was just painful. My goal in reading the Times is to listen to some players with different takes on issues, not to listen to someone rant about content updates they don't like. Besides the article feeling like a rant, I have to say I disagree with the main premise of the article that incorporating new updates into quests is bad. Honestly, if that approach was taken with every quest they'd all be the same - "go to location x, solve puzzle y, kill monster z, eat cake and celebrate". Even if you don't like a piece of content in a quest I think it's better to at least have some variety in the quests rather than having them all be the same. Sometimes these trials may turn out to be painful mistakes (I think that most of us can agree that Elemental Workshop III would have been a lot better if we could have controlled the pieces from one panel instead of having to run around the perimeter the whole time) but that's all part of the learning curve. If you never try new things, you miss out on all of their potential.
  7. From the Barrows guide: "You can however the use the holograms to your advantage. When you are in the chest room preparing to fight against the last brother, wait until a hologram appears, then drink a Prayer potion dose, switch on the prayer and open the chest. Doing this will ensure you that you will be drinking a prayer potion only to have majority of the points drained immediately. This is especially important for players with low prayer level." There needs to be some sort of negative in the second to last sentence Corrected: Doing this will ensure that you won't be drinking a prayer potion only to have a majority of the points drained immediately. Or something like that. [Crew Edit: That it should, thanks for letting us know ~Tec]
  8. Looks like the potion calculator was overlooked during the HP to LP change - it still shows healed hitpoints (not lifepoints) using the old damage system when you put in stats for a saradomin brew.
  9. Seems to me like anyone who ever wants to buy something in the game should care about the economy...for instance, would you rather buy your whip at 2m or 4m? How about that shiny DFS? Want to pay twice the price you could have gotten it for a few months ago? We all make an investment in the economy (not just merchanters) so we should all be at least somewhat concerned with what happens to it. That's my two cents at least :)
  10. Alright, thanks. Got 81 a while ago and I'll probably shoot for 99 Thieving after I get wcing and I've been trying to plan it out. Anyways great guide I'll definitely check it out again once I start training thieving :)
  11. Also you don't happen to know at what point Pyramid Plunder actually becomes faster than blackjacking do you? I've heard answers to that ranging from PP is always faster to it's only faster at 91+ Thieving. If you don't know it's not a big deal, just trying to get a definitive answer from someone :P
  12. Is it worth banking after every run or should you just tank up on food and a few super antipoison pots and just bank when you run out? Seems like this might give better exp/hour but I haven't done PP in a long time...
  13. The first question that popped into my mind when the whole pvp/effects on the economy issue came to light is why doesn't Jagex just make it so that the drop you receive from whoever you kill can be no greater than the amount of risked wealth they are carrying? That's how it was in the old wildy and doing it would still keep the autoers/real world traders out of business because drops could still be of lesser value than the amount carried. If you still wanted an incentive to be available then why not make it so that the only people that you can get drops that are greater than their total risked wealth from are targets in bounty worlds? And if this was done you could speed up the rate at which bounties are acquired... Anyways I like the follow-up article but like others I don't really see the point in consolidating the essence again...
  14. [crew note: this was from a separate topic, it has been merged here just to consolidate so your concerns are all in one place] Just a relatively small update that I think would be a nice addition: For skill planners, when you hit "Tip Me" you currently are only told your final level and final experience. I would like to also see "experience to next level" added, so if you are level 84 currently and what you put in will give you level 86, then the planner will also tell you how much experience you need to get to level 87. Just a thought, what do you guys think?
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