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  1. Happy birthday! :D

    1. D. V. Devnull

      D. V. Devnull

      Consider this 2nd'd... Happy Birthday! =)

  2. 6k views behind, chop chop old boy *tips hat*

  3. Yeah, sadly, there is nothing that can be done to do what you wanted to accomplish. The issue I am seeing is that Sony Vegas is using a single Audio track for a stereo sound file (Aka mono audio track trying to play stereo). I do not know if that's an import issue or just a sony setting that is what they like to do. If you want a L or a R track, I'd suggest panning hard one direction, copying the audio clip and panning that the other way and layer it however you would like, but that's just offering a suggestion to answer a possible question. I'll just rambling now so I'll just stop talking now :P
  4. Imported clips of any prosumer editing software usually is imported with one video track and two audio tracks. The audio tracks are normally imported in stereo (Left and right tracks) and thus why you have two audio tracks. Since I don't know the conditions of your project without seeing and being able to play the clips/audio, I can't do much more than assume in this position. If it's just the footage from youtube and you're providing your own music/commentary audio tracks, then I don't see the main issue, because they should be different files and audio tracks. If the music and the commentary are on the SAME file, then you're not going to be able to separate them using a video editing tool. It'll take some work in a audio program to do that. Like I said, without seeing what's going on, I just have to provide this generic information about non-linear editing. Hopefully it helps.
  5. Why is everything double besides a CHANCE at barrows. Pish Posh.
  6. That really sounds quite bad; have you tried speeding your computer up in any way? I cleared a few GB of space on my laptop and it ran it a bit faster, prior to this update :L Also, turn off textures, they destroy fps I play on safemode/lowest settings for everything. So that shouldn't be the issue. I'll clean up my laptop a bit but I used to play just fine before the bot nuke, so I would think it was in correlation with the fps issue. Like I said, I definitely have seen some improvement which I am happy about, I just wish it would stop randomly white out on me and the other issues I've ran into. Hopefully with more engine improvements, my fps rate should continue to go up.
  7. I take back my "Woah" for now. I am now able to teleport into Burthrope and use the bank chest (finally) but I still get whitescreened and kicked out randomly. I'm running around between 8-12fps instead of 1-5fps as I used to. So there has been a fix at least, but for me, the war still wages on. :(
  8. Another who is worthy of the almighty Ban Hammer. Wield it as it should: To ban Rainy_Day. That is all. :)
  9. I support this compliment just because I know how much D.V. Devnull has wanted this over the years. I'm glad you finally have it. :thumbup:
  10. Hey Sluggy :) I had a lot of troubles myself, but I decided to go with the blisterwood stakes with range armor so when I was running around during the raining blood special attack, I could quickly get another hit in and didn't depend where I was on the map. Also I believe you can bring in a familiar for more inventory space. That could be helpful as well. Good luck! :)
  11. You can always use chipped trollheim tablets while staying on another mage book. I'd also suggest lumberyard scroll, goblin village orb, Bonesack/Ramskull (e). I did it recently following the tipit guide using maple logs. Not sure how fast they fade but I wish you the best of luck!
  12. A gigantic pea on your head would have been much better. Amen to that. Right now, it's not even worth the bank space for me.
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