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  1. One activity still has strict division in most western culture and one does not. It makes no sense to compare the two. Disagree. Males wearing makeup has become much more prevalent in western society. (Not that I would choose to :rolleyes: ) http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/18062886/ns/health-forbescom/
  2. Has nothing to do with capitalism. It has to do with avarice and a lack of morals. Yea right... capitalism is seeking out your own wants and needs over anyone elses. Its not my fault I'm an oportunist. Not to mention since Runescape is a GAME. I know this might be hard to comprehend but since Runescape is NOT real life, then the "morals" that apply in it are a lot more insignificant than the morals that represent real life. Yeah, just because you can't see the person on the other side of the screen and will never meet them means their feelings don't matter. Using that logic, cyber-bullying is fine because it's not RL, correct? Why should morals play any part? Why should I feel bad about it? It's not RL. It may only be a game, but as Kelly says so well, "People bring bits of themselves into that game." They work hard for their GP, for their name, for their ranks, etc. They put countless hours of their RL time into earning that stuff. Should one mistake cause them to lose all of that simply because "it's a game" and morals shouldn't count? The fact that you "bring part of yourself into the game" is irrelevant. As long as the rules that Jagex has set forth are being followed, "moral code" is open to interpretation on an individual basis. Sure some players treat RS as if it were RL, but that doesn't mean that the vast majority of players (those who treat RS for what it is, a game) have to play by your rules.
  3. I realize the 1 action per 1 reaction. But who said that the one action had to be made with your hand rather then your lips? While this may be against the rules, I find it hard to classify people who use hotkey scripts like this (which Jagex should just develop and release, like WoW) in the same category as botters who run a script and go to bed for the night. I still don't want to pvp against someone using an item switch bot... reason number 481 to not pvp. Seeing as in both occasions people are doing it for personal benefit, i wouldn't draw a line between those who bot. So anything that benefits someone is equatable to botting? Logic win.
  4. Possibly the best .gif I've ever seen. And yes I do still lurk from time to time for those who might remember me.
  5. It's amazing how much this game has changed since I left...
  6. Looking at your stats I would say wait until 85+ range and 85+ def. The gear you listed is so-so. I would swap the proselyte for a v skirt and the black dhide body for a karil's top if you can. Broad bolts are cheap and have the same damage bonus as addy bolts so definitely use them (you don't need to unlock the fletching broadbolts skill-just buy from ge). In terms of leveling up range, there are so many methods to choose from just find one that works for you. Hope this post helped.
  7. =D> Java and browser are up to date. I've tried both Safari and Firefox and the game crashed much less often with Safari. I don't need to be running something other than RS for a crash to occur but running other windows (youtube/hulu vids, etc.) can lead to more frequent crashes.
  8. ohh, well that makes things hard. is it just the mac or is it the pc too? It's just the mac.
  9. I should probably have added- I play on the lowest possible settings. This has been happening since dungeoneering came out. I need to restart my computer once the game has crashed before the game will start working again.
  10. I have a MacBook Pro with a 2.53 GHz processor and 4GB of memory. For some reason whenever i enter a laggy area (w2, castlewars games, opening a new door in dungeoneering, etc.) Runescape crashes. For some reason I never get the "loading" sign I used to get on my PC. The game simply freezes and either unfreezes (if i'm lucky) or crashes. Any help rectifying this would be greatly appreciated. Note-My browser doesn't crash, just the game.
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