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  1. Ah thanks guys, I was also wondering on some niche uses of my items like which bosses to use neitz vs. veracs? Void vs. arma? Tassets vs. v skirt? Etc. Also, what is the best ranging helmet? Besides pernix that is Thanks!
  2. Hi guys, I've so far accomplished many of my goals like ovl, turm, yak, etc. so now I would like to know if I could improve my equipment This is my equipment tab: Some have niche uses like zam arrows for zam gwd with my clan I also want to get rid of the crystal bow but I don't know how to decharge + sell like that So...moving on - is there anything practical that I could get (not something like torva or a divine anytime soon), but would a veracs helm help? If so, where would it help? (Etc. questions like these) Also, what would be better, armadyl helm or veracs for range? Thanks!
  3. Try filling up your invo with junk except the reward item like seers headband
  4. hi im pretty interested in dging w/ you guys until i get my 2nd chaotic, but I have 2 questions 1) Whenever someone says like flesh or locc for floors, do I have to do the whole set even if i did I part already/cant do some floors of that set, or will the leader see which ones we're all missing on the floor interface and choose that one? 2)Is skype absolutely essential? I see most dg parties use skype and normally everyone can use it and its favorable, but I can't use it as my parents think any voices from the internet is a killer and I hate to be a hassle so will this impair me greatly from joining teams? Thanks!
  5. Bump S: can someone reverify the invo o: Also do I need anything in my invo when opening the doors or will bursting lobs cc take care of that
  6. Ah I have a fury but I want to try a couple of runs with glory first to see if I can handle it, um can you tell me my complete invo?
  7. Ah im also bursting as I need the mage exp
  8. Hi guys, with free trade up, prices are changing and I had a couple of questions on them + I want to get into bursting 1) So I have a red mask, and it seems like it is staying around 120M, should I sell now or wait since I'm eager to get turmoil; I know it'll go up in the long run but I don't want to wait till Oct. or later, should I sell now or wait a few more weeks? 2) That brings me to dragon bone prices, they are much higher and still growing in price in the GE so should I buy them at about 6.5K ea. or will they go down to like 6k each? I don't want to make this seem repetitive like other threads, so my gist is just when I should be buying the bones. 3) Chinning - I want to use my Hati paws on ranging and chins have reached about 750+, do you think this is the stabilized price now, if so, I'll go ahead and buy em, and if not, I can wait 4) Bursting - Since I have no school next week, I was planning on bursting for a unicorn, I have no experience at all except for reading the guide in the AoW as well as several topics posted before, here's my setup - Battle Robe Set SoL Glory RoL Zam Book Infinity Boots God Cape Invo: eee, tele. + ?? How many prayer pots to be sure? Any ext. magics? Also, any other tips I should know? Thanks!
  9. Hi guys, I really want a unicorn and I so far have charms for 81, so I still need the charms for 88. I also want to level range and magic fast such as thru chinning for range, but I want to get charms too. So I was wondering whether I should chin nechs wholly for crim charms or should I do so for a certain point then chin the rest for speed; same applies to magic, should I barrage to some magic level then switch over to a new technique to stop the monotony? Thanks!
  10. Ah the thing is that when (and if) free trade comes back, I will have access to exts + turm, so then should I still sell bandos or will I use it after that?
  11. Hi, I was wondering, with the new level 80 armor incoming, would it be a good idea to sell my bandos chestplate in case it crashes, or since it only mentioned life boosting and high defense, will it not matter as bandos' strength outweighs higher defense? Thanks guys!
  12. Hello, I was wondering on what to spend my effigies + peng points on My thoughts would be on Summoning, prayer, and herblore, and I was wondering which of the 3 would be most worthy -Summoning may save me a bit of charms towards Unicorm -Prayer would just be great to save a bundle of cash towards turm -Herblore would be great for extremes and etc. I also know that each saves a different amount of money, but some might have more viable options to level, such as killing waterfiends for days vs. herb runs vs. killing dragons for bones (@[email protected]) So I was wondering, at my current levels, what would you put the exp in?
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