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  1. - Kalphites are some of the fastest xp in the game assuming you've done the quest for them, they should never be skipped/blocked unless you haven't done the quest - Terror dogs are up for debate but considering they're literally right next to a teleport spot, it is not frustrating at all to get to. I suggest just doing them. - Aberants should NEVER be skipped, simply put, cannoning them in the polly dungeon is absurdly fast xp. - Metals are up for debate but it is a pretty fast task (never takes me more than 1h with my stats) and their effigy drop rate is pretty good. In my opinion they shouldn't be skipped to their ease and effigy rates. - Warped, I kinda agree, it gets aggravating dealing with all the bots on 2 tortoise spawns (birds are another story, I hear they're excellent slayer xp/h). - Green dragons never get assigned so I have no clue why this is even mentioned - Suqahs should NEVER be blocked, they are rarely assigned. However if you do get assigned them, it's always in low numbers (usually under 80). Best if you just cannon them on the north side for an extremely fast task You forgot how he doesn't care about money, thus making most of your suggestions kinda obsolete since they're geared towards loot rather than xp/h. Personally I suggest blocking: - Jungle Strykewyrm: Slow, annoying, essentially no good loot, spread apart and just plain terrible - Desert Strykewyrm: Although I don't mind these, they are pretty bad in terms of xp, charms, effigies and drops. Basically not worth it at higher levels. - Tortoises: The 2 spawns are just too annoying to deal with, especially since it's becoming overrun with bots - LRC: Mainly cause you stated you didn't want to do it, not to mention this task is pretty boring, bad charms, sub-par effigy rates and just bleh - Gargoyles: Boring task, bad charms, bad effigy rates, just not a great task in general
  2. Hm so it's pretty much the general consensus that rapier is much better than zs/ss at waterfiends?
  3. I know how you feel lol, but after bonecrusher/urns you're only really leaving metal bars and hides behind. You're already maxed crafting, and if you don't value xp past 99 then this isn't the best alternative... but I found a use for Make Leather particularly on Black Dragon tasks which gets you some quick extra xp near losslessly (make leather takes 1.5 rapier attack turns I believe?). You simply bring along a needle and thread, necessary runes, then Make Leather after you've collected 5 or more hides. Craft into body, spellbook swap, alch. I first did this on Blues, but it's actually worse than just ditching the hides since they are killed quickly, assigned in large numbers, and give crappy crafting xp relatively. I'd say yak bank > alch (considering you need to be out of combat for spellbook swap). I'd certainly use urns and a bonecruncher until you get a yak, and even then I would continue to use urns. Alright awesome. Seems like the general consensus is to leave the stuff there/use urns/bonecrusher so that's what I'll do. Thanks everyone!
  4. The general consensus around here seems to be around 1.2m - 1.5m an hour.
  5. Hm alright thanks for the input :) And I always use the minimap to ensure I haven't missed any drops (works wonders when you cannon spectres and half their drops are seeds)
  6. Both skills are essentially equal in terms of gp/h + xp/h (for the most part, not saying they're the same in all regards). I'd say give assist to whatever is available at the time or whatever people need assist with first.
  7. Hm okay, I might try that but seems like a lot of hassle. I'll probably just ditch the hides as much as it pains me to do so haha. Thanks for the advice so far :)
  8. Hm I might just do that, might change the monotony of some task :) Yeah that's why I'm asking this question, the constant banking gets annoying but at the same time... It feels so wrong just leaving the stuff there (okay in this case burying it). I'm very weird when it comes to potential money haha. But so far I'm leaning to just leaving the banking behind due to how many times I have to bank (216 nechs = 216 ashes to bank with tort = long task lol).
  9. Hey guys, Recently I've been slaying and for all dragon task + task that drop infernal ashes, I tend to bank the ashes/bones/hides. Now it's starting to get a bit boring considering it drastically lowers my xp/h (considering I don't have a yak yet). I was just wondering if it would be worth simply just using urns/bonecrusher on these task from now on? I know it's different for everyone but what would be your estimate on how much I would be losing out on in terms of gp? At least from 83-96ish slayer. Money isn't a problem for me but at the same time I don't want to be losing out on huge profits haha. Basically what I'm asking is, if you were in my shoes, would you still bank the stuff or would you just speed up xp? I'll go with the general consensus. Thanks in advance!
  10. This is probably stupid since I thought of it at like 3am but what about some sort of riding skill? Perhaps it can be implemented with the agility skill, therefore it allows you to reach places faster and whatnot. Perhaps 99 would allow you to use an abby demon which, instead of running from pt a to pt b, it teleports you from pt a to pt b (of course this would be restricted to perhaps keeping the teleportation limits to areas contained on the minimap). Idk haha. Just some silly thinking perhaps.
  11. 2 overloads for him to range the whole thing with 94 ranged? It takes me 2 overloads and a dose of a third to melee it with a chaotic rapier and maxed melees (on task). I'd say take 3, maybe a fourth just to be safe (if you plan to use overloads right away when you get in there). Yeah I'm gonna take 4, better safe than sorry! Thank you :)
  12. Alright awesome, thank you guys and girls :)
  13. I bought a good chunk of them awhile back as well. Here's to one happening for massive profits :)
  14. Ring of duelings from (1) to (8) Games neckalaces from (1) to (8) Just repeat this with all jewelry such as glories, rings of wealth etc (You should already have these anyways since they're useful teleports) And if you still need space, one of every bronze item, then iron, then steel, etc
  15. Well a lot of skills were made to be much much faster than before. Things such as effigies also changed a lot due to them being rather easy to obtain and how much xp they provide.
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