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  1. Happy birthday :D

  2. Actually allot is a word. "I am going to allot 14 hours of my day to Runsecape"
  3. What do you guys think would be the best outfit to match a white Beret?
  4. it actually only picks up iron ammo and random iron things. the attractor.
  5. ok i found my top three. knives. darts. javs.
  6. why is there even a general discussion if general things get sorted out more? idk im just confused.
  7. would you say javs are any good? and if so does the attractor pick them up?
  8. so got the ava attractor. what would you guys say is the best iron range weapon? arrows would ok i guess. but idk i like exotic things better. what would you guys say? and btw made myself some snakskin armour.
  9. where do you need slayer for animal magnetism? where does that fit in?
  10. ok i will try that. ty
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