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  1. Actually allot is a word. "I am going to allot 14 hours of my day to Runsecape"
  2. What do you guys think would be the best outfit to match a white Beret?
  3. it actually only picks up iron ammo and random iron things. the attractor.
  4. ok i found my top three. knives. darts. javs.
  5. why is there even a general discussion if general things get sorted out more? idk im just confused.
  6. would you say javs are any good? and if so does the attractor pick them up?
  7. so got the ava attractor. what would you guys say is the best iron range weapon? arrows would ok i guess. but idk i like exotic things better. what would you guys say? and btw made myself some snakskin armour.
  8. where do you need slayer for animal magnetism? where does that fit in?
  9. ok i will try that. ty
  10. hey i have level 45 in smithing and was wondering what the best way to get it up quick without spending too much money is. i would rather not mine but i have 600k i am willing to invest. ty in advance
  11. well will his ip address not help?
  12. well i am paying for the account. so in a way they did.
  13. reccently someone stole my runescape account. i was able to get it back via password recovery. i have a members account and have taken note of the perps ip address. is there an email i can contact to alert runescape and nail this guy for identity theft? ty in advance.
  14. well i have combat lvl 50 and mage lvl 45. um smithing and mining around 40. fishing 45. wc 34. 40 cooking not much else...and sorry for double post *bangs head on wall* oh and another thing that makes me mad is the whole having 10x space to explore and not a whole bunch more teleport spells.
  15. im not asking for money im asking someone to tell me why it is worth it to waste my money. basicly someone to convince me that i should stay on runescape
  16. ugh so may rules in these forums...this fits under general discussion no?
  17. i just got members and i dont think it worth it. if someone doesnt help me with getting money or something im prolly gonna quit runescape. can anyone help?
  18. no thanks for the zezima person...and no i just want an acount someone doesnt want anymore.
  19. what? im a noob and dont want to waste all my time on lower levels. actually not noob. just noob levels.
  20. can anyone give me a runescape account? one that you dont want that has good levels? ty in advance.
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