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  1. Using correct English I guess. Doesn't really match the community. I get called mod-wannabe a lot because of this. -.-'
  2. Quite the forest they have built, west of the Lumbridge castle. Fair update.
  3. Pretty boring articles, sorry! Or just not to my taste... I'd love to read RS-related stuff written in the Explosm fashion.
  4. A Runescape goodie bag, eh, for playing the whole weekend... Now, if it was a Samsung Galaxy S II, a Dell XPS or an all-expense-paid trip to Hawaii I'd totally do it. As for MORE membership and a Runescape mouse pad, I dunno...
  5. Ever since the gnomes got a graphical update I felt like killing them all too. Hope the leprechauns are next.
  6. It's still 6 bucks a month so you might as well pay with credit, unless you're under 18, in which case you're screwed either way.
  7. Ceremonial Swords are the fastest thing to smith in there (cheaper than ingot iii, too), but it's tedious and requires a lot of attention. Your accuracy with the swords barely improves over time, too.
  8. Try giving a square root number (w/e it's called) for the orthotilesize parameter (like 4*4=16, 8*8=64, etc), then walk to a new area. Would be awesome discovering whether it increases the draw distance.
  9. Arr. What a [bleep]. Even NPCs insult you now.
  10. Don't make money with rc. - It's about 400k-500k an hour Around 750k an hour, and a secure zero-risk income at this. Blood runes are the way to go, at the moment. Normally it switches between blood and death runes every few months, so check the GE. :]
  11. I recall reading something like this once as well, so it's not total nonsense. However, whether it will be released before we all die (2012), was not mentioned.
  12. A technical question about DG: Is it worth binding the Primal Platebody at 95 DG for the price of a weapon slot, if I usually key?
  13. Would like to add the following tip (fresh of a crap floor): Don't overwork yourself and be your team's slave. If your team sucks s*** from a straw, in most cases there's little to be done about it (they aren't as smart as parrots, or baboons, and can't be taught things as easily).
  14. I don't know how my life would go on without Woox... (if you think it's a troll post; post is equally trolling the thread as thread trolling forum)
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