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  1. I want to make a Pker, obviously I want it to be effective so I would like some suggestions on stats. Thanks
  2. Dude you just described runescape !
  3. 99 prayer & 99 smithing... then go to pvp world, go to wildy and die like a noble man- never to log back in again...
  4. Sorry but I can't support this. Smithing certainly needs an update to make it more viable. People need motivation to level it. Perhaps a Smithing Guild.
  5. Zaapdos - Maybe if it was Zapdos dude thats so fargin epic.
  6. I really regret not playing wildy in RSC, I was so obsessed with mining coal- I wasn't a big fan of combat in general.
  7. Hello Tip.It I just remembered I registered an account here back in 05 . Good to be back now that I am playing RS AGain.
  8. My neighbor who I have known since a we lad, his account name is Power. I also have a feint memory of RSC, seeing account simply titled "Jim". I appreciate this rareness of these names, as they are hard to come across especially now, I mean Pker15439285? Really? So let me here some of the rare names you have seen/own !
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