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  1. Since I value everyones opinions here at tip.it, I need some sage advice about a pure account in about to start. Main questions 1) What sort of pures are dominating these days, rune pure, 1 def? Turm zerker? (doubt I could afford that one though) 2) is it worth hybriding, and if so what should be my main offence, range, Mage or melée? 3) as I would be fairly new to pking, what stats would you advise that I start practicing And anything else that might help me out, ALL ADVICE IS APPRECIATED. Thanks guys ;-)
  2. I don't earn any of those as I do not know of a money method that can get me 750k an hr, but I also don't want to not use Super Sets as that lessens my xp/hr. Rage, trust me your not alone, those kind of figures are for those with a disposable income, and those who have secret flipping/merchanting items. Since no one is going to reveal exactly HOW to achieve said figures of income, I will try and help you out with what I know. Disregarding income per hour, I find on slayer tasks an ideal estimate to repot on supers to be between 3-4 minutes.. I know I can always make the money back somehow, so it's never usually a big issue. Try not to get too disheartened when the "elite" try and tell you how to play whilst ignoring your original question, us normal players will work things out together :-)
  3. Anyone? Or should i make a new, merchanting topic? All I'm after is tips, types of items, quantities, techniques.. Not specific items
  4. Also, the beauty of merching is that, if you use overnight flipping (as I do), it's often a "fix n'forget" moneymaker. I've made several mil over the last few days with about an hour of play time, tops. So, you can invest, then go off and kill green drags and REALLY make bank. Combine this with MTK, the dailies, and farming, and you're probably pretty set. Very good idea... I would be very very interested to get good at merchanting, however the specifics still elude me, and I know no one will ever give up the items that have made them rich, so I was wondering if there is a way to learn? Is there a developed and friendly clan that could help me? Or anyone on here with advice to get me started? Thanks for the help so far :-)
  5. Okay so maybe this is another "how to get rich" questions, but I'm not asking in the hopes that everyone reveals the secrets that got THEM rich, all I want to know is what I should do to build upon a total capital of 20mil gp... I'm a little confused as I have been told that I should be valuing my time at well over 400k/hr... However this seems to be all I can achieve with the use of my runecrafting.. I tried flipping when I had around 7mil to play with but didnt get highly enjoyable results, should I reinvest in flipping now I have a larger cash pile? So fundamentally I would love to know, with my stats and starting funds, how should i go about making cashola, and at what should I value my time (in gp/hr) Side note: I am already investing in my kingdom and herb runs
  6. Thanks for the swift and informative replies everyone.. That's why I love TIFers ;-)
  7. Is it instanced even after the quest? coz that doesnt seem right to me, why would it be instanced? i know for like 5 minutes in the quest it IS instanced, but what about after?
  8. Just about to start the Defender of Varrockr, just had a few questions for after ive finished. 1) Is it best to max out prayer gear or go for DPS boosting gear or a mix of the two when traning on Armored Zombies? 2) Ive heard that to recharge prayer one must go into the wildy, even for a few seconds, but what is the likelyhood of pkers waiting around the altar, are they common? thats about it for now, any other information about training on the zombies would be helpfull aswell. :)
  9. In terms of efficiency and cost, as little loss as possible or just plain speed :P
  10. i cannot talk to him anymore.. ive told him the jokes, got to the end of the convo, and chosen the wrong option at the end because now when ever i try talking to him, it says 'he is too busy loading up the cart to talk' nothing happens when either 'searching' or 'looking at' the cart
  11. Well thats great thank you, but as I said in my first post, I did not choose the option to ask him to take me with him, and now there is no way to get into the cart
  12. okay so im at the end of tourist trap, ive put ana onto the cart, but i did not press the option to get into the cart myself, i only said good luck to the cart driver, and he said good luck to me, and now the cart is not leaving, i cannot search the cart and get on or anything.. everytime i talk to the driver it says he is too bust loading up the cart, how do i get him to leave with me?.. please please please help, this is infuriating..
  13. So after a two year break, I've started up again and want to do a bit if dung, I've tried it on my own an found it slow, so now I want a bit of advice, here's why My girlfriend started playing 2 months ago (she's already 1300+ total, not bad I know) and neither of us has over 12 dung, so has anyone got tips on how to level up with a fair amount of speed in a two man team? We've tried like 4-5 floors already and we got to about the 5th floor and found it too hard, also we gained almost no exp, I got one level, she got three, is this normal? Were both really new to dung so any advice would have to be clear and explained, do we make the best stuff we can? I'm just so confused :-P
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