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  1. Well, a few of them are pretty active over on reddit's section for runescape.It might just be preference.
  2. Okay, so, after bringing in my ships for the last time of the day only minutes ago...I got two randoms. One right after the other after cycling through the ships to allow them in. The first one was overtaken by the second. It seems that even if you have the chance at two in a day, you can't have two at the same time.
  3. Which is why it makes no sense that they pushed for the armors to be less desirable than the 80-tier armor. After all the time and effort put in, they should be special armor. If they truly can't allow themselves to buff the armor, at the very least they should let the superior version be non-degradable.
  4. The Abbysal Demon floor actually looks really interesting! Like, showing a reason they are there.
  5. Happy birthday! :D

  6. That quest has me pumped. And that art makes me very excited for it!
  7. Yes.Yes and yes. Ever since that huge thread years ago, I've thought it'd be a great skill to add.
  8. So, did anyone notice something important in the new notes that drop? (or, at least it was important in my eyes) Pretty important lore addition and inclusion of something I thought we wouldn't see again. The Ripper Demon(s). The notes distinctly say that they are the "Empty Lord's". The prospect that we could see some real versions of them excites me.
  9. What? Of course we do! Capes are to Runescape as hats are to TF2. Welcome to Capescape.
  10. Except that one time when Mod Mark completely disproved what you just said when he said "Yes, but not until we have rebalanced the combat triangle." in a certain Q&A. (if you can't find it, go ahead and ctrl+f crossbow, it's pretty quick that way) However, I'd love to see the places where it was said there will never be one. (since it's still being said it's an upcoming update)
  11. Oh lordy, the Gordon Ramsey letter was too much for me; started laughing hard right when he said Kitchen Nightmare.
  12. Looks like Prossy and Initiate was supposed to be updated since their icons in our wardrobe were updated.
  13. First they say ass and now a gay NPC (besides that guy in Varrock) It's a sign of the apocalypse obviously Actually, if you've done the Vengance saga you can find another gay couple! When you find the two dead guys in each other's arms, the examine text clearly say "he" for both. I was shocked when I first saw it and made sure to examine multiple times to make sure. XD
  14. That was easy enough if you can guess what words go were and then fill in the letters. Edit: Looks like the answer was posted.
  15. Funny thing, I was checking out my toy box and found this: I thought, "wow I found something new to show"; but now I see the post at the top already technically beat me to it.
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