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  1. doubt it cause jagex is controlling the prices so no one unfairly makes a mint off summoning suplys
  2. thats my theory, but 9.2 - 2.0 blackmarks when i had like 9 rule 1 offences i doubt it. - i dunno though would be nice to get to the bottom of it.
  3. yea but why would they take off blackmarks of potentialy thousands of players with no reason? aweful lot of work for no reward.
  4. that sucks [wagon], that is THE worst reason for a ban ever.
  5. Hmm, no i didnt :( ... tough break. :lol:
  6. Earlier today I logged on my account, I read on these forums a message now comes up if you try to talk and your muted so i tried it out. i got no message, i was meant to be muted for 10 more days but nothing came up, and when people started replying to me i immediatly went to check my account's black marks. From a previous string of offences for breaking rule 1, and my most recent breaking of the rules had got me muted for 2 weeks, in total I'd managed to tot up a heafty 9.2 black marks so you can imagine my bemusement when i saw i only had 2 out of 10. I havnt appealed on offence and havnt complained it just happened. has this happened to anyone else? note, all my offences are still there. Have they lessened the severity of some rules and increased others? Brad25891 got banned with no new offences - if you got marks removed could you state what your offences were, see if we can get to the bottom of this. anyone know why? Rumors going round jagex are trying to please ex members to make them play again, your thoughts? edit: seems like this has happened alot anybody know why as Xharock rightly pointed out jagex are renowned for standing by their punishments - freaky stuff
  7. I dont reckon its poss with charms, but hey some one prove me wrong \
  8. Or it will be trained by people that put in work towards a skill. yup they do exist.
  9. Crafting is an easy cape. hows about we get a non buyable and EARN some respect. just a thought. edit: i missed the bit where i said my 99s where harder then yours, realsise that your not gonna be able to slime your way through this skill. anyone know what the emote is yet?
  10. ahaha this actualy made me recover my account just to reply. you are complaing that their is no one to do the hard work so some one who has enough money can buy their way to another easy cape, just like crafting - wow, you tanned the hides but did you source them yourself, no. zomg you have to put in work. lol at you :XD: (Y)
  11. Whats this new monster, its driving me nuts and i dont even like slayer \
  12. So jagex lets these names into the game then bans them. Smoooooth :-w
  13. [hide]Sweet, now we can do agility piramid and mine granite without getting harmed by the sun, oh and hunt vultures.[/hide] *cough* another near useless item *cough* power mining granite has been made a heap easier, hardly useless.
  14. My bad, the square in the top of the marsh place looked like a patch but I checked it up on the mini map and it aint. :oops: any news on the new monsters?
  15. Is that a new farm patch in the new area? Anyone tell me what type it is?
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