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  1. I liked the quest and rewards. If you read this, good job John A. :thumbup:
  2. Andrew can leak whatever he likes, he's the boss, MMG has to take orders from Andrew, you like Andrew for leaking, yet MMG has to do his job. I like all the staff equally but Andrew has been there such a long time so maybe I favour him slightly! Huh? I thought MMG became CEO? According to my memory MMG is boss now, and Andrew an employee.
  3. My blocklist: - Warped Terrorbirds - Steel Dragons - Hellhounds - Gargoyles I only have doubts over the Gargoyles. I hate them, but I wonder if I'd get them often as I am 88 Slayer. Perhaps it's better to skip them and use the spot for Suqahs or so.
  4. :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: Again no update.. Why I am I paying money for a game which doesn't update and if updates most of the time dissapointing updates? Great.
  5. Does anyone know how much Partyhats are worth on forums right now? You just can't find that information on RSOF, because of all the upgrades 'n stuff. No-one wants full cash.
  6. There's a weird bug. When I attack a Black Demon and then let my Hydra attack it, if the Black Demon attacks my Hydra my charactar will not continue to fight until he auto retaliates when the Demon attacks me. Nothing big but slightly annoying.
  7. And that wasn't even their own idea.
  8. This game has so much potential, and so much room for high-level items. But I guess Jagex rather makes some stupid low level quest where you get a shopping list to get some bones from monsters you've slain thousand times before.
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