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  1. Well I have one hole in the op's argument: Who says you need Guthix druidic teachings to become a Nature Spirit at all? In addition to that we have no confirmation that she didnt have prior knowledge of Guthix or rituals as others have said, so really I think this plothole is spawned from over-analyzing non-facts.
  2. So all we know for certain is that several mods believe this video to be faked, but are still investigating its legitimacy? So no we dont know thats its fake. No we dont know that it's real. My personal opinion is that it could easily be real, and with effort faked.
  3. With Iron i, you can effectively AFK with ~104% bonus exp. it works out to about 40k exp/hour, at a range from 1.5-2gp/xp. By AFK, you can check back about every 4 minutes to change inventories, and since he will call the item you're afking on you'll get bonus exp on at least 25% of each inventory. Handy for when reading university papers/researching extremely boring articles. I ran a test on 1000 iron ore, and found my average exp per ingot to be 104.7. each inventory took aproximately 4 minutes to complete. I believe in the long run this works out to be about 1 million exp per 23 hours. that means 100% respect takes roughly a day to obtain using only iron i and afking. great news to f2p smithing rates. Still sucks that it leaves no real reason to get high smithing anyway!
  4. Doesnt the cannon in that picture have 2 furnaces? the base looks like it has a few too many parts than the regular cannon that I remember....
  5. Well, I havnt played in over a year. I like to poke on the forums to check out updates, see whats happening with this game and what the people who still play are thinking about the state of things! I have to say, being a silent observer, and former customer, the smithing update is shocking. It's been a known issue since RS2 was released that smithing and mining were no longer in sync with the flow of the rest of the skills and gameplay. By a margin of 50 levels, all smithing and mining requirements outreach their respective use levels for the products being made. Why does a level 1 item, require level 30 smithing to make? (speaking of iron) why does a level 40 item require 99 smithing? (rune obviously) This disjunction has gone by the wayside because in RSC, when runescape could have sunk, and when Jagex wasnt 100% sure what they were doing or where they might go, made rune the endgame equipment, with no foreseeable plans to upgrade. Thus it made sense to make rune freaking hard to obtain. RUNEscape, it was meant to be the endall equipment. The game has evolved far, but the balance has not. Jagex has taken strides toward balancing things (poorly on most counts, but they acknowledge some of their follies) in many skills, but the difficulty curve is so outweighed by their bandaid patches (non-craftable items/rewards/ training methods). The current state of things is such: smithing and mining, along with several other skills, have no uses for their level equivilant products. In their place, Jagex threw out bandaids to fill in combat without repairing the production system for creating combat equipment. Crafting level to Equip level runs at a rough 2:1 ratio, when it should be logically 1:1. The logical patch: readjust smithing and mining in particular to have a near 1:1 crafting:using level requirement. Effectively, bronze is fully craftable at level 1, from dagger to platebody. Iron levels from 1-10, steel from 10-20, mithril from 20-30, adamant from 30-40, rune from 40-50. Mining would shift to match this, experience would also take a shift downwards for all items. Why does jagex not do this? They've already built a whole world based around smithing in particular, to fill 50 odd levels of content and include it in the world is dauntingly gigantic! Yes it needs to be done, its the logical progression, you should be able to craft the items you'd use at the level you'd be using them. Jagex would be forced to fill the remaining levels with level appropriate content. They're just lazy, and avoiding a game changing update that is totally needed. Honestly, they could release equipment improvement/enhancement, making a level 50 version of bronze, which requires a plethora of bronze and other random ingredients to make a little graphical change, and stat shift in bronze to outclass rune, and so on. It's a simple fix that requires no real changes to the system on a large scale. but no, they havnt opted to this either. They have so much opportunity, but fear change. On topic- other updates look great, quests are fun and add lore and content, no one should be complainging about that addition. RoW additional uses is fantastic, teleports and increased drops, and a message to give you an actual feeling of accomplishment! GREAT! bonus exp is cool, never tried it, have fun guys.
  6. I'm confused on why people are taking such offence to having low-no requirements for quests. the way I see it, people are suggesting simply, that quests can be done by anyone at any time. Whether or not its feasable, or even possible at certain levels is the whole point however. Basically, questing would become a true challenge, able to be taken on by anyone, but extremely difficult without the "recommended skills". Obviously some skill levels would be required, such as the Hero's Guild fishing requirement, which you actually need to fish lava eels. People are obviously miffed at the arbitrary requirements, which see no actual use, such as a door which only opens with X smithing. Why not make it a % chance to open based on your level? when you meet the recommended skill level, its 100%, but before this point its variably more difficult. In the same boat, combat requirements are often arbitrary, as anyone can really complete a combat task in their own way. I see a "suggested level" system being far more dynamic, and allowing ingenuity that doesnt exist in runescape today. Some quests do throw out a totally random requirement, just for the sake of having a high requirement. This makes no sense in the context of anything really, allowing people to attempt things at any time, but with varying degrees of difficulty would be an amazing way to go about things. Retaining the current skill requirements as suggested skills, would allow players to see where they "should" be in order to succesfully complete the quest. Most quests can be completed well before the requirements are met, so why not allow people to attempt it? So have strict level requirements, or a dynamic system build on player choice vs difficulty. We all know that it will remain as the first, but the second is a solid, viable, and somewhat more appealing system which would open questing in a new way.
  7. I'd like to be an objective third party; I dont play anymore, but that doesnt mean my opinion is invalid in any way. From what Ive read on this thread, efficiency oriented people seem to be like most elitist groups, in that they laugh and smile to themselves that they are the best and above all others for their "Oh so efficient and result bearing gameplay". THIS I dont understand. Why be elitist? "Inefficient people cant be on my team" are you saying that inefficient people are all like that one guy who hides keys and ragequits? not so I'm afraid. Inefficency, and especially self confessed inefficiency doesnt equate to stupidity. The people posting here arent people who run around being a jackass in all things, they just arent people who spend 100% concentration on a game, especially one that doesnt require any real skill to play. And dont say that it does, because the only "skill" is the gameplay standards created by efficiency minded people who abuse timing and graphical ques to the point where others either conform or do something else. "Fun" in efficiency doesnt exist to a casual gamer, maxing out and micromanaging every click isnt a relaxing way to kill time. That isnt to say that efficiency cant be fun. To each their own, honestly I dont care what you do either way. I am not pro anything, I dont play, I just dont understand the elitest behaviours of the pro-efficiency people on this thread. The non efficiency people started the thread with this in mind, they started by saying efficiency minded people think they are high and mighty, and the efficiency minded folk showed up to 100% support this point. so good job? you've only proved you fall into your stereotype when asked, like an efficient little elitist drone. Please dont take that as offensive, but seriously, if efficiency means attitude and elitist tendencies, then what fun are you making the game for anyone else? forcing others to conscribe to your ideology. Down with the dogma that is efficiency if thats how all the efficiency minded players are. honestly I cant say Ive seen one person on this thread support efficiency and not scoff at the non-efficient players. Each one has tried to show how efficiency is "better". Its not. Its your way of playing, to your own ends. "better" is not quantifiable, because "better" exists only in the constructs of your own ideology. you view doing things fast as better, many people dont, many people enjoy the act, not the result.
  8. To be honest, instanced or not, no one will be screwed on rewards. look at the stronghold of security, its open to everyone, and no one gets cut from rewards. If they are going to put rewards for everyone one-time, they'll do it so everyone can get it at the same time if need be, so saying it has to be instanced so that people can get their one-time reward is a null comment. Personally, I'm torn on what I think it will be, there isnt enough information to make a truly viable guess. They are non-Daemonheim dungeons, so they could be like every other dungeon we've ever seen. Alternatively they could follow in suit of the dungeoneering style, and be instanced, allowing you to bring a team of friends to work with you. All we know for sure is that the dungeon wont be randomly generated, so it will have the same structure as previous dungeons around the game world. Logic would say it will follow the skill as it is; but the stated difference opens any possibility. My vote would be for similar dungeons to daemonheim. It makes the most sense with the skill, spellunking through dungeons as a lone adventurer or with a team. All of the available information only tells us that everyone gets the same reward regardless of what happens, and that the dungeon wont be random.
  9. Should F2P get fletching as a skill outright? No. Should F2P get fletching that they can artificially level in dungeons only? No. Should Jagex realize they left a hole in dungeon content, and allow F2P to craft bows/arrows as an extention of range/crafting skills? Yes. Why on earth should a member skill cross to F2P? you can thematically make it viable for a ranger to craft his own arrows and bows using existing F2P skills, and keep it limited to the dungeons. Hell fletching should have been a combo of crafting and ranged to begin with (and smithing). It doesnt really seem like it needed to be its own skill... the ability just floods the market with bows anyway, it should have been a nifty niche ability tacked onto ranged in some way. Just my two cents.
  10. @Cottage- Just so you, and everyone else realizes; That data has no point, and scientific validity to apply to a point. Unless you supply the average change over an average weekend, there is no point of comparison. There could be 500+ people getting 99 attack on any given weekend, we cant say that that number is larger or smaller than average. The only one that stands out significantly for me is summoning however, given the speed of the skill, 1600+ people in one weekend seems.... really large.
  11. I'm not totally clear, but if I remember correctly, every time we've been transformed in the past- someone else did it for us. so why on earth would we get any experience? and beyond that, shape shifting could open whole new areas, games and tactics. Used in combat they could be a devastating new tactic, and think of new places you could explore like monster dens for treasure hunting? sounds like a cool idea to me, dont knock it because we've been transformed before- get excited that we might get to do it on our own! edit- and to the discussion above: we've only ever used transformation (done by npc's on us) for passive exploration. A new skill would entail this, but obviously more. look at summoning, we get pets through our summoning level, but also get combat and skill familiars. Transformation could entail passive exploration, as well as new combat features and skilling features.
  12. For everyone whining about the unfair requirement of a fire cape, why not suggest useful and constructive alternatives? I've seen people suggesting a buyable version of hte firecape with serious drawbacks, but have to wonder why put a whole new item into the game, when you could easily just add to pre-existing content to give it an actual use. My suggestion, which people may use/criticize or do whatever they please with is as follows: Slayer cape should count as slayer equipment. Plain and simple, 99 slayer should allow people to fight slayer monsters who require a specific item, without said item. it makes sense, and gives people who dont want/cant get a firecape a viable solution. If you're already 93+ you're probably going for 99, so tough it out one way or the other honestly. thats my suggestion for a solution. And a second suggestion is to stop whining and ask jagex for an alternative rather than a flat out change if it bothers you so much.
  13. Something I find interesting, is that according to the RS wiki, not only do the leech prayers (levels 70+) drain more slowly than the sap prayers at lower levels. additionally, they drain a half second slower than ultimate strength and co. Piety drains 2 points/ 3 seconds Turmoil drains 1 point/ 1.8 seconds= 2 points/ 3.6 seconds. these prayers as a whole, reward you for having higher levels (as they should) and you loose nothing by using them. you actually gain more time using these prayers than their normal prayer book variants. according to the drain rates alone, you'd be a fool not to use these prayers as your permanent book. There are obviously times when the old prayer book is better/easier to use, but in places where they compare, the new prayers are stronger, and have better drain rates.
  14. To clarify, the poster of the picture does have the INcorrect spelling of Santa Claus. The movie "The Santa Clause" is a play on words, "clause' meaning a contract, although having the same pronounciation and very similar spelling to the actual name santa claus. Taken from the movie "the Santa Clause" website. The name is Santa Claus, if you've spelled in Clause with the E on the end, you've spelt it wrong. Not being a grammar nazi, I dont use the best grammar online, but spelling santa's name incorrectly is something no one should do!
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