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  1. Firemaking or cooking most likely. IIRC sharks were 180k/h in RSC if you had someone light the fires for you. Could be a lil over-estimated though.
  2. Because I can't fight dragons IRL.
  3. I'm using teaks as an example because I recently did a short WC war, with several people posting and using guides claiming 120k/h, etc. But I have never seen anyone get anywhere near that.
  4. I did read it. All I'm saying is that for some of these exp rates that are presumed to be max, I have never seen a video documenting them to be anywhere close to that, for any period over 5 minutes - all math, speculation, and inhuman concentration aside - I've never seen them. If you'd like to point me in the direction of anyone getting 120k/h at teaks (using this as an example, because it appears to be quite common) then be my guest. For the 10002938542903424th time, I have NOT nor implied anyone or any of the rates stated are wrong ----- I am just asking for them to be remotely proven.
  5. If thats the case then why don't we use the xp/h for getting an ivy 2 ticks in a row?
  6. Dear. [bleep]ing. God. I'm done with this thread after that idiocy. And no, im not referring to the post directly above me.
  7. I'm talking about the fact of max exp rates in general, for several different skills. I've seen TONS of people claiming 120k/h at teaks, and NEVER seen a single video of anyone getting anywhere near that. First of all - learn to read. Second of all - I didn't say anything about the calculations and why they use what rates they do, im talking about the fact that I've yet to see anything over a 5 minute timer (if even 5 minutes) that actually gets anywhere NEAR those rates.
  8. 10th place on time left True... but he got 118m of his woodcutting xp before urns, when the common method was teaks at ~90k xp/h, which means he's spent about 1300 hours training that skill up to that point+140 after (using 130k as the new rate which I've never been able to do) which adds up to 2 months of playtime training that skill alone. I think that shows that he can dedicate himself to a slow skill. TBH, all these "max rates" at several of these skills I have never seen a legit 1 hour test vidded. Let alone have that pace become standard over 5 hours, or more, day after day.
  9. Shouldn't the FM exp be the half of it? What's the secret? :o The stuff you chop, and then burn, is worth more exp than the actual cutting of it? Also, you can FM-X it or something. As you can just stand by the burner. I havent seen anyone post anything over 500k though until now, though.
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