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  1. First to post gets it..just tell me what name you want on it. http://img410.imageshack.us/my.php?image=freesigkh2.jpg
  2. This topic makes me lol. This will not even be a game, LSU is going to destroy Ohio State.
  3. I'm going to college on a $100,000 scholarship, I'm a true loser. Anyway the point was not that I have failed at life or that I blame Runescape I'm just saying that I wish I had spent much less time on the game. By the way, it's spelled you're.
  4. While this statement does sound dramatic, it is very true. As I look back on my high school career (I am now a senior) I am extremely depressed at what I see. I spent most of my freshman and sophomore years playing Runescape gaining nothing in the process. In the last year that I have been Runescape-free I have picked up more constructive hobbies such as guitar, drums, reading, hanging out with RL friends, skateboarding, and dating. I am mostly saddened at the fact that I could have begun these hobbies earlier in my life (mainly guitar, drums, and skateboarding) and been much better at them. Another regret is the fact that I didn't do better at school. While I played Runescape nothing else mattered. While I did make straight A's, I was never involved. IN ANYTHING. Now when I fill out college transcripts what do I put down as leadership or volunteer work? I was leader of a monster killing team and gave some money to noobs, nope I don't think that would work out. I've missed out on sports and clubs all of which I believe would have made my life better. I also hate the fact that I lied to myself for two straight years, I told myself that I was gaining decision making skills and math skills. That was bologna and I knew but I didn't want to believe it. Finally what have I gained from playing Runescape? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. My main account was hacked, there goes the first three years (my junior high career) and I quit my second account (my high school career). Runescape has taught me nothing made me no friends, though I have many now that its out of my life. In conclusion, though it is not any of my business what you do with your time, I would advise you to either quit Runescape or consider shortening the amount of time you play a day (I played about 3 hours a day btw and I regret it) bring on the flames..
  5. wow...you look exactly like the pro skater kevin long..like identical
  6. Jagex could drive them out of business, they just lower prices, because it doesn't cost Jagex anything at all.
  7. Instead of all these dumb updates that only weaken the content of the game, why doesn't Jagex just sell gold themselves on the site? I've seen the argument of richer (in real life) players being able to have massive amounts of money therefore making the game unfair, but Jagex should really consider this. The amount of money they would make would be AMAZING. Imagine if just half the players bought gold at an average of about $4 a month (i think it would be substantially higher). That's 500,000 players if the feature was only open to members. That's $2 Million dollars a month in just gold! Jagex would be greatly increasing their monthly earnings without much effort at all. And what would that mean for us players? More updates! I would love to see two updates a week and it would be completely possible because with more money comes more employees. So all in all, Jagex selling gold on the site would quite possibly be the best addition to Runescape since RS2.
  8. Ok, suit yourself. * * Yep, that's what meat looks like. You do notice how sterile everything in there is, right? That actually makes me more comfortable in eating meat.
  9. I live near Jena, Louisiana. 50 white citizens were called for jury duty that day and 100 black citizens. I don't remember the exact numbers, but I think 30 white citizens showed up and 0 black citizens showed up. So, don't blame the white jury for the charges.
  10. Meh, I'm from Louisiana and our town passed the same law a few months back. So far, no one has been fined/arrested and I still see saggy pants everyday. Yay publicity without action.
  11. Driving 140 mph down an old country road in my car was probably the most dangerous. I have also jumped off some pretty high stuff skateboarding only to end up rolling to avoid breaking my legs :ohnoes:
  12. 2006 BMW 325i...I love it. ^^same body style, but mine is black.
  13. AHAHA! Saints win! Deuce McAllister is the freakin man! \
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