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  1. Happy birthday :D

  2. New question: Why do people still call stick shifts "standard" when the standard is now obviously automatic.
  3. Has anybody attempted this while high? Lucid Dreaming sounds like an awesome experience on it's own and I would be incredibly interested to see what happens when I combine the two. I've read this topic a few weeks ago and wanted to try combining the two, but I've had finals to study for the past two weeks (jr and sr year of High School are rough), and now I have SATs and crap this weekend so it would have been a bad decision. If nobody has tried this yet, I'll post up what happens next week when I try it out. Can't wait!
  4. What does the "-opengl" command do technically? (Typing this on the new G110 Logitech gaming keyboard I got for Christmas! Love it! :thumbsup: :thumbsup: )
  5. Offtopic, but our guild needs too use [hide] [/hide] tags. Any idea where to get them? EDIT: I need tags that can hide text. That was just an example.
  6. My guild formed up about a month and a half late though, so we're a bit behind in content. In other news, 3.3 tomorrow. [bleep] yes.
  7. Woot, guild now has Beasts, Jaraxxus, and Champs on farm on ToGC 25!! Got champs down in 2 attempts last night, and everybody lived!
  8. There you have it. 3.3 is over a month away still :thumbsup: 21k?? I thought I was doing well with 6k?! Spending 120g a night on progression raid flasks/repairs really hits you in the pocket, especially when you do it 3 nights a week. Please enlighten me as to your methods!
  9. [/hide] I have that exact same monitor on the right Resizing is a great tool!! P.S. Knex2, I really like your mousepad.
  10. I guess all we can do is keep trying. If Gormok doesn't kill us, half the raid gets sprayed with Paralytic Toxin right off the bat, wiping us. If we don't get killed by the first wave of toxin, too many dps stand in the poison clouds and die. If nobody dies, too many are frozen by the toxin, and can't dps, so Icehowl comes out before Dreadscale is down. His first Icy Breath then proceeds to wipe the 2/3 of the raid clumped up next to Dreadscale. More gear, and more practice, and we'll get it. And believe it or not, our guild has done 10 man heroic runs and killed him before. BTW, love the new t10 armor models: http://www.mmo-champion.com/news-2/tier-10-armor-sets-hd-preview/msg1571580/?topicseen#new
  11. Grr... Anybody have any advice for ToGC25 Northrend Beasts? 2/3 the time our tanks die at the end of phase 1. We're going with 2 tanks, and one tank usually ends up getting 4 stacks on him, and then he is either hit by an Impale swing + Impale DoT within .2 seconds, killing him, or a melee swing and an Impale swing in the same amount of time, also killing him. Our guild has spent 2 weeks wiping on this guy (and when we do get past him, we end up wiping in the transition between Dreadscale and Icehowl.
  12. Lol, same here. Building my beast computer on Tuesday of next week. Intel Core2 Quad 2.4GHz (OC to 3.0) ATI Radeon HD 4870 (CrossFire in a few months) 4GB RAM Plus a sick looking case Cant wait :twisted:
  13. Not always. Rain of Fire (AoE obviously) does some insane damage. With that alone you can get fairly close to the top of the meters. I guess my new gear is helping a lot. 4k DPS against 25man grand widow on Saturday. With proper enchants on my head, shoulders, and weapon, plus an elixer I'm guessing I could do 4.5k+. Gear owns. 22nd in the guild (gear wise) and 1st on dps :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
  14. 2h hunter polearm in 25man yesterday.. I won. Now... 720g for the abyss crystals, 100g for the essence, and 400g for the infinite dust.. If my math is correct, that comes out to 1220g just to enchant the stupid weapon with AP.
  15. Wow. Guild is working on 25 man Safety Dance for an hour until we finally give up. Head to military quarter and die on first boss 3 times after about 2 hours. 25 man group breaks up and we take the top dps/heals to run 10 man Naxx. We down Noth first try. Easiest boss ever. Safety dance, we die twice. We're like "Ok, last try. If we don't get it we'll try tomorrow." We kill him. On to Loatheb. First attempt we wipe at 60k hp. Second attempt we kill him easy. So we're like what the hell, we'll go kill patchy." So we down him first try. Very successful night. I got new boots and a new stat stick. Woo hunters. EDIT: We can't just follow the first guy on noth, because due to the lag, you're almost a full second behind him, which means you're getting hit by the [cabbage] from the floor. The only way I can see this working is if you have the MT run too early and heal him through it, so that everybody else is on time.
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