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  1. Runespan is like 60k xp/hour even in f2p it's not all that insane. <_< Lol Hater :x Been working on this account for 3 days... not terrible I guess, still pretty new but not bad progress, monkey madness and dt soon hopefully
  2. Her name is 'Vodka'. I think I love her. She looks like a Twi'Lek. :mellow:
  3. Nice! Congrats :D How dyou like being 70 def? I'm 45 def myself, and I'm seriously considering moving up to 70, and I'd like to get an actual 70 deffer's opinion. Anyways, nice job, I'm still probably years away from maxing out, so I can't give anything less than 10/10, good job :thumbsup:
  4. The fury. It's cheaper, leaving you more room to buy things as they come up, and its more versatile. A fury is the best amulet all around, and will have a lot more uses than gear you should really only use with melee.
  5. o.o 80m for a weapon inferior still to the cr? daaaaammn
  6. Finally after 2 hours trying to collect the hunter rocks to get the extra kudos needed, I unlocked curses :D now only a bit of no lifing to 95 prayer...
  7. Gettin there. ~10k bones to 95..... and gotta unlock curses >.> shouldnt take too long with that, only a handful of quests left to do
  8. I think I might regret burying baby bones to 95.... >.>
  9. Maybe they could implement a small "ge tax" or something, like in a lot of other games, and use that money to fund the gold selling... it wouldnt really cause inflation, I don't think, but maybe the stock wouldnt be high enough
  10. That would be awesome. Probably the best solution I've read, although sure it would probably foster inflation, but the people who buy gold, are those who care about their image in the game, if buying gold means they have to permanently sacrifice their image through a "brand" if you will identifying them as a gold buyer, fewer people will be inclined to buy gp. It could work I think.
  11. So, it seems semi random, but most times whenever I try to log-in, or hop worlds I get booted from the game, and when I attempt to re-log in, I'm given the login limit message. This usually occurs for me if I were to try and log two accounts into the same world from the same computer, which made sense. However, recently it's started doing it all the time, and I know for a fact that I am the only person who would be logged in in my house. The problem seems to be fixed by reloading the client (swift kit, if that matters) but then reoccurs usually whenever I try to switch worlds. tl;dr- Runescape says that my log in limit is exceeded when I know it is not, usually whenever I try to hop worlds or log in after being logged out for a little while. Anyone got any insight?
  12. I dunno if it still profits, but maging blue dragons and banking the bones is fairly cheap, and pretty quick banking if you've got 70+ agility for the shortcut in the taverly dungeon..
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