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  1. Training 90+ slayer next, almost got charms for 88 summoning too. 289 quest points and under 10m networth now. Rate 1-10 :thumbsup:
  2. Will use frem boots 4, so that means all bone drops will be noted right? So would it be worth banking hides, and would it be worth bringing uni+scrolls in yak for when i empty yak?
  3. I suck at TDs lol, probably had about 300 kills in the 20+ hours ive been there :ohnoes: with no drops
  4. Was wondering if it was possible to solo DKs with a very cheap setup, I have about 5m in the bank. Have all dungeoneering items, overloads, turm, all achievement diary rewards. Torags/veracs armour, basically anything cheap. If anyone has links to recent guides that would be good, looked in guides forum, but most of them are out of date and require more wealth than i have. Also any idea how much gp/hour it would gain? Have never done DKs before. Stats in sig Thanks :thumbsup:
  5. Almost 4 months from 92-99 of daily palm farming+assists.
  6. Started with 99 craft about a month ago. Used stealing creation needles and green leather. 99 Firemaking with yew logs. Fished 10k rocktails to get 99 fishing. Was a week of no-lifeing :thumbsup: Trained 90-95 mining then bought 99 herblore with some of the profit from fishing, was only 300k off 99. Took a break from skilling to do more dungeoneering 95-99 mining in just over 4 days. Current bank (got about 5m worth of other stuff in bank) and dungeoneering items. Trying to get every item :thumbsup:. Rate please :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
  7. About 6mb of pictures in the hide tab, may take a while to load them all. Pictures started about half way through august, when I was getting 99 slayer. [spoiler=Lots of pictures]Spent some profit from slayer on prayer. When I was almost at 99 slayer I had cash for 99 prayer too, decided to get them both at the same time. After 99 slayer I decided to work on gaining some total levels, starting with 90 smithing. I smelted about 30k iron bars, bought some more and used stealing creation hammers to make iron knives. Started at 80 smithing. My dungeoneering was 55 at this point, so i decided to go for 85, getting a Chaotic longsword and unlocking frost dragons. Got 2300 total at 70 dungeoneering. While doing dungeoneering I took a break to get 90 construction, using oak planks from 85 After getting 85 dungeoneering I spent a few days doing frost dragons, however I only had a war tortoise so trips were short and it got boring quick. I was 93 summoning, all from charms gained training slayer. I spent about a week getting about 5k crimson charms at waterfiends. 96 summoning was on the Sunday on the bonus exp weekend, so I gained an extra 10% experience on my charms. After 96 summoning frost dragons were much easier, I spent a few weeks there and gained a lot of money, at 96 summoning my networth was under 10m. After earning about 90mil from frost dragons I spent some money on herblore. With all the charms I gained from frost dragons, and doing Bork daily, I had enough for 97 summoning. Was bored with frost dragons, so took a small break doing a few days of slayer, and finishing off 90 runecraft. Then I went back to frost dragons, which was now slightly quicker with extreme sets. I quickly gained money, averaging around 10-15mil a day. My wealth on the second of October, with decent equipment frost dragons were even easier to kill, I quickly reached 170m networth. I sold most of my combat equipment, leaving me with a nice pile of cash. Which was used on herblore again. 91 herb 92 herb 95 herb 96 herb 190m worth of herblore supplies left me with this. (Potions from 88-96 herblore) After that I got 90 dungeoneering, which also got me a chaotic rapier. Then today I got 98 summoning, with charms from frost dragons and Bork. And that's the end of my pictures, currently on about 8mil networth, so back to frost dragons to get rich again. :thumbsup: Rate please :thumbup: :thumbdown:
  8. I think you can only get them from the vinesweeper shop, they cost 5k vinesweeper points, and you get one from Garden of tranquility quest. If you leave an offer on max price for a week you should get at least five of them.
  9. This is a short guide on how to get lots of super compost, quickly. No waiting for things to decay in the compost bin. But without paying 600gp for each bucket of compost. Requrements: 28 Summoning Items required: Compost mound pouch Generate compost scroll Compost potions - This is the only tricky bit, you can buy these max price on G.E. over a few days. Buckets Use the Compost mound scroll ability on the compost bin. This will instantly fill the bin with NORMAL compost. Which, in its current state is not much use. Use 1 dose of compost potion on the bin, this will turn the whole bin into super compost. Fill buckets with fresh quickly produced super compost. Price of 1 scroll, 15 buckets and 1 dose of compost potion is about 500gp. 15 buckets of super compost is about 8900gp. If you collected enough compost potions this could even be a way of making quick profit.
  10. Thanks, should get in top 800 for attack before I stop. \ Camped at dust devils + bandits for max combats ages ago at 65 slayer, was around the time construction came out. Thanks for rate :lol:
  11. Thanks, probably stopping at 95 slayer though, since I should have enough charms + money for 88 summoning and 99 prayer. Thanks, trying to get all stats 85+, only five left under 85. Thanks for high rate \
  12. 94 slayer =D> [hide=Big pic][/hide] And rank 1k for attack + was just over 8m slayer exp :wall: Rate please :pray:
  13. Definately CT, i normally get about 40 crimson charms per task, and about 150K worth of drops. Bring alch runes and alch all of the fremennik armour. You also get circular hides and sometimes warrior/berserker helms. And you'll get more slayer xp.
  14. Fire Giants, Ogres, Moss Giants, or if you're not bothered about drops you can try Experiments. Make sure you use iron knives, much quicker than bow + arrows.
  15. Nice guide, although if you want to save on prayer potions you don't need to keep protect from range on all the time. Just turn protect from range on when a new one spawns and it won't attack with its range attack from a distance, then just take them one by one near the sulphur hole. Did a task of 155 using 2 prayer pots. Make sure you are only fighting one at a time and that you have enough food as they can hit quite hard.
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