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  1. i was there at the trivia guess i can't say the santa winners name but his one lucky guy and i think the guy who gave the trivia was webzu not sure if ppl just call him webbie or something best thing i saw other then the santa was a rune scimmy but i did'nt get it other then that i got junk WAY!! too many ppl there so i did'nt really like it yes his name is webzu on rs, i just didnt want people spamming him if he ever does go back online lol.
  2. I can confirm there was at least 1 santa given out as trivia, possibly two, from a masor who has long ago quit runescape, and didnt need his rares any more. His name is webbie and i would like to thank him, even though i dont think he comes to these boards.
  3. GMT+10 should be at 6am :S (possibly 5am) either way, the party is in 8 hours from now. woooooooooooooooooo MaSoRs :D
  4. bank picupdated. rune item total : 1058 :) 600 rune bars left to smith up
  5. for info on joining the clan please pm me, i havent worked out if im allowed to give out external sites on the forum, and i dont want the topic to get closed or deleted for a silly reason like that.
  6. This is our 3rd anniversary, but our 6th party, we hold them once every 6 months, so we have had a lot of practice :D as for the timezone issues, i will get some American masors to come in and field those questions. I am from the UK myself
  7. The party is at 8pm GMT or BST i cant remember which, but it is at 8pm for the english anyway.
  8. for information about joining please pm me, as i am not sure on this forums rules on posting links in topics. Responding to something in one of the posts, Masors is not a mining company, we do not have quotas and do not mass sell ores/bars. We are a clan that holds many mining and smithing related events aimed to raise the mining and smithing of our members, and many non mine/smith events amined at either having pure fun or raising other stats. eg snowball fights, mith wars, addy wars, burn down varock (today, you may well see us) and a million other events run by our leaders and our members alike.
  9. 60 mining and 50 smithing are the requirements to join masors, not to come to drop party. :roll: yes lol the drop party is a celebration of our clan having existed for 3 years, and is open to anyone and everyone
  10. We're back. It's that time again folks, your legendary mining and smithing masters known as the Miners and Smithers of Runescape are back and better than ever. If you don't remember us, then you're missing a whole lot of fun! It's time for our third anniversary party! This is the sixth installment of the MaSoRs philosophy. We have had five major parties before, all of them larger than the last. We thank our loyal members for throwing together sets of mithril, adamantite, and rune for these special occasions. What does that mean? The biggest drop party world 14 has ever seen! In the past we have been known to hold huge drop parties, and we will continue forever on this path until runescape itself expires. So, on to business. On the 30th of September, we will be holding our multi million dollar drop party. Why do we do this? Because we can. The Miners and Smithers of Runescape have been together since Classic. We didn't stop there. We didn't stop there either. And you can't stop us now. The following is only a taste of the feast being prepared for you on the 30th! Updated at 20/9 Items not yet added to pic: 98 mith legs, 83 addy plates 71 addy kites Total Drop Party Worth: -- 75mil+ More items will be added in the next few weeks, including at least another 800 rune bars worth of items. This pic is made up of 3 bankers, which explains the repitition of some items. The drop party will consist of the dropping of all non treasure trail items - taking well over a couple hours. Towards the end of the main drop, certain Player Moderators from MaSoRs will trivia off all of the trimmed, gold, and god armors, etc. Along with the drop will come a myriad of fires and cakes to keep those pesky telegrabbers off balance. So come one, come all to the MaSoRs' third year anniversary drop party! Event information: World: 14 Location: Al Krahid Time: 3 PM Eastern, 8 PM British Summer Time Date: 30th of September FAQ: Q: Why is the party held on a Free-to-Play server? A: Most of our members are Free-to-Play. Q: I didn't get anything. A: That's unfortunate, however with a drop party this size there is plenty to go around. Q: Is this drop party a fake? A: Check the pictures from previous drop parties. This is not a fake. Bring your friends, this is one drop party you don't want to miss. And don't be shy, ask us any question, our members will be reviewing this topic until the day of the drop. Any question is welcome. For more information please pm me. If you would like to join MaSoRS the requirements are 60 mining and 50 smithing. See you at the drop party, and hopefully within the ranks afterwards. Regards, The Leadership Team on Behalf of The Miners and Smithers of Runescape
  11. short break now for the trivia in the palace square 18 prixes, from full black t and g, up to guthix skirts and rune plate t
  12. ty zou also it is in 1 and a half hours AMG AMG AMG
  13. i dont know, probably 9pm or maybe 10pm, find out what timezone finland is in, and youll have your answer, if its gmt+1 then its at 9pm, gmt+2 then 10pm
  14. wooooooo paartay 24 hours to go 58mil is the final drop count. 742 rune items, 7700 items total. Tell all your friends EDIT: Quick note guys, the drop party is at 3pm EST and 8PM GMT, (not british summer time as previously stated) Most of you are american so that shouldnt be a big problem, but just to clarify, 8PM GMT.
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