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  1. bump from the past! DaRuckus. from wu tang clan - Bring Da ruckus! well here i am! plus kind of sounds like a name from days of 300. (Dare-A-cus)
  2. 30-40k for iron though huh? what about cash? you guys make any money mining?
  3. :( never been a member. all this time and always f2p anybody bother to measure anything else? iron. mith. addy?.. thanks
  4. What are some typical exp rates you guys get? and cash that you make with mining. anybody really keep track? like x exp per hour powerming iron and x gold per hour mining addy and x with rune. stuff like that what are your experiences? what do you guys usually do?
  5. which means i have to spend a hundred hours clicking away in order to smelt rune. this game is ridiculous. i dont remember why i play
  6. EDIT: nevermind. just did some testing. got some rough figures for anyone elses future reference. did addy for awhile. then mith. my personal results at the time. very variable but gives you an idea. 600 addy bars / hour 22.5k smith exp/hour 31.8k magic/hour +3600 gold 800 mith bars/hour 24k smith exp/hour 42.8k magic/hour -7200 gold anybody have similar results?
  7. most of the talk ive seen about superheating is for miths. is there some super obvious reason that im just not seeing? is superheating addys practical too? if you have the skill? or mith is best? for profit or exp? thanks. and good luck with your goal! why 94? whats that milestone? ive been out of the game for awhile now and these things just arent popping right out at me
  8. Thanks! Im leaving now, never to return!! :boohoo: Thanks for the comments. I hope this isnt the wrong place, because I didnt mean it to be a thread about quitting, but more about "rank my lifes work" (my runescape life) And I tried to get hp 60, but it wouldnt have worked out well, and it would have taken quite a bit of finageling. didnt have the time. I used too much noncombat mage, and messed it up.. :D oh well. Thanks everybody. Have fun and good luck.
  9. I am quitting. I had planned to sell everything I had and buy a pumpkin or something, in case I ever came back and they doubled in price, but I have run out of time. I sold alot of stuff, but none of the bars, armor, or gems that might have gotten me there. This was the first time I've ever had a bank that took up less than a full screen since I first started. I've never had p2p. I am leaving in about 2 hours and wont see a computer for at least 6 months, at which point I will probably have zero desire to continue playing. Nobody gives a crap. Heres a picture: (its doctored, but only to fit it all in one page. that is my actual bank, and those are my actual stats) Not great, but not bad. Thanks Tipit for the calculators that helped me train, and the forums that helped me trade. Comments would be nice, though I wont be able to read any after about an hour. Thanks for looking anyway!
  10. Any nominees for "winners"? Itd be hard to pick only one, because its totally subjective and there is too many criteria. Unfortunately, there werent alot of "tom" or "lol" or "god"s to post... Still - I am pleasantly surpised by the amount and variety of cool Numberless Names yet disappointed that there werent many really short or really clever names. Oh well. Ive had a blast reading them so far. :thumbsup: Thanks for contributing!!
  11. whenever someone is bragging about their main: "o ya?! well my main is 112 cb. or has 200k or whatever" I say MY main has 132 cb and 99 karate. They normally just call me a noob and say that combat only goes to 126, totally missing the brand new karate skill I invented (and subsequently mastered).
  12. youve got an msn, yahoo AND google toolbar?! you dont deserve the internet.
  13. wow, alot of these are pretty good. "A Town Bike"? Everybody gets a ride? i think "love" "tom" "war" etc. are all taken. but its still fairly easy to get a two word name like "war pony" or something. cool one words seem very difficult to come by, but cool two worders are still possible. plus you can make up your own like "sheynara" thats not half bad. some guy posted "bruneo" earlier, which I thought was pretty awesome too. Congrats name-holders!!! Good luck name-searchers!!!
  14. I wonder if there are many "tom"s or "steve"s walking around...
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