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  1. Whoa! When did you start making your own sigs, and, how'd you get so good? =D>
  2. http://planetrenders.net/renders/displa ... pos=-36236
  3. 1. ThruItAll 2. feedmetotheforest 3. runemesta 4. stilev 5. soa
  4. My god you've advanced! I think you're better than me! Heh, maybe you could give me a few tips and teach me? :pray: You're absolute best: =D>
  5. 9 & 10 are you're absolute best!
  6. I have: The GIMP 2.4 Photoshop CS3 Extended And I prefer GIMP (mostly because I don't have a clue as to how to use PS :wall: ). But in all seriousness, GIMP may one day become a $1000 imaging program, like PS. :lol:
  7. Mhm...I'm not sure. I think I'll stay in the community.. I miss you guys :( I'm also thinking about reopening my graphics shop... :-k
  8. Thank you man, you rock!!!!
  9. You gotta hook me up with smudge settings or at least tutorials! :pray:
  10. You've improved so much, ThruItAll!! :thumbsup:
  11. +1 Someone tried that on me in SwiftIRC. Pffft :shame:
  12. Ok, what are some compatible music files with Ulead DVD Factory 6 Plus? I'm talking about the background music for menus. EDIT: I realised that that DVD Factory 6 already allows mp3 files to be used, sorry.
  13. Ok, thank you very much for your help guys :mrgreen:
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