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  1. I would just really love a belt slot. Think of all the different belts you could make (a belt for each skill/skills with higher teirs that hold more). Anyone fancy making an event and writing it up to Jagex?
  2. :D Hey Flippyy!

  3. I do not have them, but the KB seems to know how many kills needed: Duel -> http://www.runescape.com/kbase/guid/combat_duelling#dhats Wildy -> http://www.runescape.com/kbase/guid/pvp_wilderness#dhats We all know how reliable the KB is though :roll: .
  4. Any non listed monsters that you had in mind? Because i think the ones Jagex have made for is pretty great. It preserves the combat left click as you level up. How about your current slayer task >_> D beasts, all metal dragons, black dragons, mutated and stykeworms and now all one click. There isnt any other slayer task monsters with 138 combat+? ... Cant be catering for all dem lvl 70's who want to one click lesser demons @@@@ Wyverns, higher LRC, black demons, Tzhaar-Ket. There is a small list. Plus not everyone who trains slayer is lvl 70 or 138. I am 119 for example. Edit* and I feel like if you are going to be killing that monster for 100+ times should just be able to left click it. How would it not be doable? If (NPC_CMB > MY_CMB && !onTask()) rightClick = false; or some variant... Yup I am a programmer. Should be this simple.
  5. Any non listed monsters that you had in mind? Because i think the ones Jagex have made for is pretty great. It preserves the combat left click as you level up. How about your current slayer task >_>
  6. At first when I read about the changes I was angry, now after watching Logdotzip's video I am furious about this. I demand that punishment happen to both kevsredsox and his cousin that works at Jagex, mainly to his cousin!
  7. Didn't think this deserves its out thread so I will post it here. There are many "Ghosts" of Fremmies wondering the outer rings of Daemonheim. I am not sure if anyone has yet tried Ghost speaking ammy, ring of visibility or Jenacas ring, or have even mentioned this but I think it may be worth looking into. Something else that caught my eye as strange is almost on the most northern part there is a "ghost ghost" I have decided to take a screenie because it is very very hard to see this and I almost missed it. It may also be worth checking into because it is not like the other ghosts in the area. [HIDE[/HIDE] EDIT: Ill fix the tags when i get back roommate wants to go to dinner, lol just clikc the link beware its HUGE pic
  8. Entered through portal, and just got my first stone. It appeared on the ground. Does this happen all the time? My inventory is not full so idk why it was on the ground. Also when it lands on the ground will it disappear or stay there?
  9. Has anyone had problems with the construction stone(s). I have been alching by my portal and afking by my portal for about an hour and haven't gotten a stone yet. I am not in building mode and I do not have any extra stones in my bank/inventor. Earlier I took a break and got 2 farming stones and decided to come back for this one. No luck yet.
  10. I usually do not post in these forums, just read what everyone says, but I decided to post this anyways. Someone mentioned that it was released one month exactly after the strange power. If this is so I looked to see when Thursday (based off of the name of the Fremmy) will be on the 22nd (assuming that everything related to this will be released exactly on the 22nd of every month) and in two months(April) the 22nd is on a Thursday. If this true then we can expect another teaser March 22nd ( A Monday, so seems probable), and then finally the update on Thursday April 22nd. Only thing about that is usually Jagex doe not release updates that late in the week, but perhaps they will make an exception to this? Take this info as however you want to.
  11. It's possible we have some. Feel free to PM me if you'd like additional details on 'em. cool cool. and to Poke's edit nahh dont really need em was just wondering incase one day i did hah :lol: tbh I prob have them backed somewhere on some disk.... :-k
  12. not a correction really, more so a question. Do you still have my old map somewhere? [poke edit: not anyplace handy, no. did you need it?]]
  13. -Mod Emilee http://[Use Quick Find Code]/[Please Use QuickFind Code]?16,17,5,59990876,goto,17 last post
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