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  1. If that was the case, they'd give it out on the 26th. The 50k other applicants haven't even been informed yet (right?) That will probably be the case, we'll probably find out when it comes.
  2. If that is true, then by all means I should have one, but alas I don't. Unless they haven't gone around to doing it.
  3. Was hoping the Mortytania tasks would be released in this update. Oh well.
  4. This could be related with the next skill, somehow (considering no one really knows anything about the next skill, we will just have to wait and see). This could just be the tip of the iceberg.
  5. I find it funny how everyone in the official forums are pissed off and quitting members, instead of actually using their head on why they would change the system.
  6. The orb of oculus would be neat to see into hidden places. For example, as north west as possible from the first floor of the Stronghold Security, you can see some cave with a big glowing orb. and , South West as possible from the first floor of the Stronghold of Security, there's some floating book on a pedestal on some white land surrounded by stars or the likes.
  7. If you got exp from them, that would be massive amounts with how high anyone can just hit. But people need to stop whining and wait for the next part of it, even mods are complaining. :? Thought they would me less childish.
  8. I have an account named 2nubs1phat, I only wished my main account had a better name.
  9. I'll go with the Gnome cities, they still have out dated graphics for the people, and I believe the cities should look more...alive.
  10. They weren't really original, there was the Elder Gods that came before, and Zamorak came after Zaros.
  11. I was thinking Elemental Quest 3 also, but they don't really seem to close together or anything, or look too close a like, would still be cool though. \
  12. Sounds like something Chuck Norris could do...
  13. All enchantments and the cat are members only.
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