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  1. Well I just teleported to Varrock and I was on my way to the Grand Exchange when I saw a green dot on the mini map. I headed towards it and found one of my friends swimming through the town center... By the way, I'm NOT the guy in steel.
  2. I hack into Runescape and ban your character. Then I do whatever it is you do around here to become a mod and delete this thread. Owned?
  3. ^I like how you pretend to like pokemon for the sake of other peoples feelings.
  4. OK, 90 woodcutting. That seems like a nice goal. Good luck! Woodcutting's kind of boring though. I hope you have something else to occupy yourself while you chop away. P.S. I looked you up in the hiscores and I see you have nice skills. (Nice cooking cape!)
  5. Eh, I personally find the ingame music irritating. That's why I just listen to my own music while playing.
  6. I have mixed feelings about some of these suggestions. The Black Prayers sound cool. Maybe something that lowers combat stats of your enemy... God Prayers sound cool too. Like maybe the Guthix one raises defence and attack by 15% each, the Zamorack prayer raises attack by 30%, and the Saradomin prayer raises defence by 30%. Oh and also, you must be wearing the book and/or cape of that God to use their prayer. The double protections sound hideously overpowered. This is already explained like five times in previous posts, so I won't even get into it. Well, those are just my opinions.
  7. OK, that was definitely a lure, and I think those morons were most likely under 5 years old, probably with borrowed/bought/macroed accounts. I can't see someone without a mental disorder trying something so ridiculous.
  8. Well, I've never had any extreme good or bad luck, but the other day I got disconnected while fighting the demon in the Legends Quest. -.- I died and lost some prayer potions, sharks, and like all of the quest items. I basically had to do the majority of the quest all over again to get the items back.
  9. Wow some of these are pretty ridiculous... Anyway, I bought a magic seed for 20k a few weeks back. Even better: My friend bought a Halloween Mask (not sure what color) for 200k :shock: ....He sold it for a dragon chain the next day -.- ....Even worse, he then sold the chain for 2 Dharok Great-axes... I wanted to kill him when I heard this, but whatever. :wall:
  10. Hey Lord_of_Blades good job. I was going to post that same thing but then I saw your post. Flava: I'm pretty sure that it's not more common with woodcutting, because I have 82 woodcutting and only two parts of camo(and they weren't from woodcutting. They were from cooking and while I was walking around for the Legends Quest.) I think the Drill Sargeant is one of the randoms that is actually random.
  11. OK sorry about that. I was going to use imageshack but then I saw that button... my bad.
  12. Here's mine, but I don't know if I did it right... [/img]
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